How lost will I be if I start from the 2nd season of BSG?

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Battlestar Galactica lately, and I noticed that tomorrow they’re running a marathon of all the 2nd season eps so far. So I figured I might start watching there. Will I be too lost if I skip the first season? It doesn’t come out on DVD for another month and it’s pretty expensive to boot.

Dopers would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.
I think you’d not have any problems. I believe that you can rent the mini series.

The Search function can be your friend here. Seek out the threads about first season, and there you will find analysis, summary, and a whole bunch of Doper smack-talking. Then start in on the Season Two marathon with a clear mind. :smiley:

I tried to jump in at the beginning of this season, and it was just too confusing. If at all possible, view the mini-series first - it seems to set most of the story in motion.

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The 1st season ends with a cliff-hanger and the 2nd season picks up from there. BSG has a number of story arcs running through the series, and If you start from Season 2, you’ll probably spend most of the time watching just figuring out what’s going on.

At least see the mini-series first. That sets the universe up, anyway.

Thanks all. Someone at work has the first season on tape (how quaint!) and loaned it to me, so I’m watching that first. One problem solved! But they don’t have the miniseries, so I’m still a bit unclear on some stuff after watching the first three episodes last night…

What’s with the guy on the planet?
What’s the deal with the imaginary blonde that the one guy talks to?
What is the backstory between the blonde female pilot and the white-haired guy in charge?
Who is that kid who seems to be the only kid in the whole series?
If the Cylons only have a few different “models” of humans (asian, blonde, some other guy), why don’t the real humans know what they look like?

I think that’s all I have for now. Tomorrow will bring new questions, I’m sure.

That’s a Raptor pilot, whose real name I can’t remember, but his callsign is Helo. In the Miniseries, He and Boomer were flying a raptor that was damaged during the intial cylon attack. They put down on Caprica for repairs and while there were approached by a horde of refugees demanding rescue. They took as many as they could, then Helo noticed the famous Dr. Balter in the crowd and gave up his seat for him. The Raptor took off without him, on his orders.

She’s a Cylon Agent who Dr. Balter was sleeping with before the Cylon attack. Just before Caprica was nuked, she told him she was a Cylon. When the bombs hit, she dissapeared and since then she’s been in his head.

She’s very likey a computer chip in his head, but there’s still the faint possibility she’s a manifestation of his guilt over unwittingly help the Cylons kill billions of people(not to mention worried about being exposed for that).

They get to that halfway through season 1. It’s a big plot point. Suffice it to say, Starbuck was indirectly responsible for the death of one of Adama’s son.

I can’t remember the name, but he was one of the kids Boomer brought back(along with Dr. Balter) from Caprica. He’s an homage to the kid with the stupid robo-dog in the original series.

Because the Cylons seem to be smart enough to plant them in a way that they are spread out. That is, you don’t have two boomers running into each other in the Hallways of galatica.

The humans know the identity of 4 cylon models and a 5th was revealed in the most recent episode, but that still leaves 7 to go, and the recently revealed one is, as of yet, not in any danger of discovery on the fleet.

If you’re talking about on the Galactica crewmember on Caprica, you’re referring to Helo, he was flying in a Raptor with Boomer during the miniseries, helping coordinate the first-line Viper fighter defense against the toasters, long story short, the toasters uploaded a virus to the Viper Mk 7 wing (all linked thru networked computers) to shut them down, Helo and Boomer hid at the start of battle, then aftyer the Colonial force was decimated, they made a beeline for Caprica, landed on the planet to try to find survivors, they found a large number, but only had room for kids and 3 adults, Helo gave up his seat to get Baltar off the planet and back to the fleet

Boomer flies back to Galactica with some survivors from Caprica

Helo later meets Boomer (another Boomer, she’s a sleeper agent Cylon) on the planet, thinking she came back for him, they proceed to try to evade the Toasters and end up falling in love, Boomer ends up getting pregnant with Helo’s kid (the first Toaster/Human hybrid…)

the blonde is Number Six, anoather humanoid toaster, she was real in the mini, but was likely destroyed in the initial cylon attack (nuking them from orbit, the only way to be sure), we’re not sure if the Six he sees now is the result of a Cylon “Neurochip” in his head, or if he’s just plain gaga insane…

the blonde pilot is Kara “Starbuck” Thrace, your stereotypical "Best <fill in the blank> in the fleet, she was engaged to Zack Adama, Cmdr A’s son, and Lee’s brother, Kara was a flight instructor, and was training Zack, they had just gotten engaged, Zack was a craptacular pilot and failed basic flight, but K. passed him anyway, due to her emotional attachment to him, coincedentally, Zack was killed in combat, due to lack of piloting skills, and K. feels extremely guilty for “killing him” by passing him on basic flight

Boxy, a Caprican refugee (and a reference to the earlier annoying brat from the original series, thasnk Og we don’t see him (or Daggits for that matter) much in this series…

because the Toaster’s “Meatbag” programming is really good, the only way to identify a Meatbag-model Toaster is when they’re “recreating” with a human, the Cylon gets the GSP (Glowing Spine of Passion) during the deed…

Thanks so much!

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