How many biological children do you have or you think you'll have?

Anonymous poll.

It’s not an anonymous poll, but probably just the one I already have. She’s 13, I’m single, dubious fertility, and love/hate kids. On the other hand I’m irresponsible with birth control, so anything is possible. But probably just the one.

Do you mean biological or legal (i.e. ,not step). For example, if a woman has a child conceived through IVF using a donor egg, is that a biological child?

Thanks for sharing your position.
Yes, you are right, not anonymous, my bad. I thought I made it anonymous. I have sent a message to Mods to make it anonymous. Till it is made anonymous by one of the kind mods, people who dont care about anonymity on this topic may vote.

You’re not anticipating anything higher than four?

I voted two. I have two. I would like a third, but the other half has sound, logical and sensible reasons against, and in the absence of a convincing argument for, I concede he is right. It’s hard to compromise by splitting the difference, so someone has to give in.

Only biological not adopted. Like I’d only want adopted child so I voted zero.
Please take for men, donor-sperm as non-biological and for women, donor-egg as non-biological.

I didn’t at the time of making the poll. Now I should ask the mods to change the option to “4+” from “4”.

Thanks for voting and sharing your position. You should have voted 3 coz thats the number of children you’d like. But I didn’t explain it clearly. Thanks

I voted 4 but I’m surprised that the poll didn’t allow for more. (I did have one stillborn daughter that I didn’t count.)

Thanks Giles.
I have requested the mods to change the option to “4+” from “4”.

I have one daughter. I would have liked to have had another, but it was not to be - before she turned 4, all my baby-making parts were removed. I was bummed at the time, but once she hit college and I realized we’d have those expenses for only one child, I was good with it. And I don’t have to worry about multiple kids fighting over the estate when spousal unit and I are gone…


Exact same situation with one of my Aunts. She has 1 son in college. At the time of baby-part removal, she was very upset. She even had a couple of stillborn children earlier she was even more upset. Of course after some time, she was alright and very happy with her only son.

One and done. This was a mutual decision although I gave my wife the final say.

I voted 3 but my third son only lived for 2 days.

Sorry about this don’t ask. May I ask what happened?
May I ask how old are your other 2 children??

Five. I’m going to be at college orientation for the oldest today, and the youngest is nine.

We have a lot of fun, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

I would have been open to six, but other stuff came up. Actually, I still have a couple good years in me, but I’d have to answer some difficult questions if I turned up pregnant.

Zero, and given my dating history and such, I seriously doubt I’ll ever reproduce. I tend to go five years or so between dates/relationships.

However, if I do end up having a partner again, it could be possible. I discovered in my last two relationships that, in the heat of the moment, if she says “no condom,” then I’m like “oh, okay!” And then afterwards we both lie there talking about how stupid that was. Yet we keep doing that. And the very last relationship I had, a FWB fling that became a serious relationship cut short by her commitment to the Navy, may flare up again shortly, as we’ve been discussing moving in together and rekindling things.

I do think that both my ex-wife and my more recent ex-fiancee actually did become pregnant, but had early miscarriages. Really dodged a bullet with the ex-fiancee, as I described her then as the type of mom who’d probably strap her kids into a car and drive into a lake.

Very good. I guess there would be lots of activities happening in the house all the time, so no boredom.
Also one will have to be a house-wife to raise 5 children, right?

Zero by choice, and now I’m past the age of having to worry about it (thank gods).

Just the one boy. I wanted to have more, but circumstances never allowed for it, then I was past baby-making age.

Zero by choice and I got myself the Essure treatment last year. I was not going to go around hoping for another 20 years before menopause.