How many die? - Nuking Foggy Bottom (Washington DC)

If Foggy Bottom was nuked how many would die?

Ground burst? Air burst (what height)? Kiloton or megaton rating?

Too many variables to provide an accurate answer.

I present to you the Nuclear Weapon Effects Calculator, that I was recently introduced to on another thread.

Overlaying the results over some sort of population-density map of Foggy Bottom might give you a rough idea of how many people would be killed by the initial blast.

Other effects, such as firestorms; radiation poisoning and fallout; and widespread disease and starvation caused by a lack of infrastructure (in an all-out war), would claim many more lives.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Your question is both too vague and weirdly specific, Oktoberfest. It’s too vague because you’ve made no mention of the size of the bomb or the exact tactics in dropping it. It’s weirdly specific because you’re specifying a particular neighborhood on which to drop it, as if that made any great difference in what would happen. The largest nuclear bombs ever made would obliterate pretty much any large city and probably kill most of the people in the suburbs too, so it hardly matters where in the city you drop it.

Foggy Bottom is the neighborhood in D.C. which consists mostly of George Washington University and the State Department. The Potomac River, the White House, Georgetown, and Dupont Circle are within easy walking distance (to the south, east, west, and north, respectively). Why did you pick that particular spot?

It’s also the site of the Watergate Hotel and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Most of the neighborhood’s residents are in the Watergate and GW dorms. And you have to know this thread has been copied and forwarded to the FBI, so expect a friendly knock on your door soon!

Probably because Pat Robertson suggested it be nuked the other day.

Captain Amazing writes:

> Probably because Pat Robertson suggested it be nuked the
> other day.

Did he really? I Googled on various terms and all I could find is that Robertson criticized somebody in the State Department. Did he actually talk about a bomb?


The subject is also a pit thread

Here’s a link to a Yahoo News story about it

He had Joel Mowbray, a big State Department critic on, and Robertson said

So, at least he said, reading Mowbray’s book makes him think nuking the State Department would be a good thing.

Well, if he’s intending to sneak a nuke into the State Department, that suggests he’d be using a man-portable tactical nuclear weapon.

Such devices could have yield between 50 tons (just tons) and 1 kiloton.

…And thus, I just padded by FBI file by a few lines of text.


Ranchoth thats assuming you have an file on you by the FBI, and that brings up a question I’ve been meaning to ask <hijack>

If you ask the FBI for a copy of their file on you under the FOIA act and it turns out they do not have a file on you, would this be suspicion enough for them to start a file on you? </hijack>

When one speaks of “Foggy Bottom” in political terms, one is talking about the State Department, which is actually more than a few blocks away from the area actually known as Foggy Bottom.

Since I happen to walk out of Foggy Bottom Metro Station five days out of the week, if I’m otherwise unengaged, I happen to know that Foggy Bottom has also been the (hopefully) unintentional recipient of at least two disasters in the past week.

On Tuesday, a spectacular, locally televised gas leak fire incinerated a car right next to the new GWU hospital and the remains of the old one, which is being demolished. Then a fire consumed the upper floors of an apartment building on Friday, which I personally witnessed on my way home but which I don’t see was widely reported.

I don’t think it’s appropriate to comment upon response times or other things.

My observation is that if you wanted to murder the bachelor and medical students at George Washington University, the University’s hospital patients, the liberal end of the K Street corridor, and some of the sodomites whom are known to travel beyond their currently unfenced ghetto of Dupont Circle, you might manage to take out a disproportionate amount of non-Republicans there in DC by nuking the Foggy Bottom area. You might, not coincidentally, take out Watergate and probably the Kennedy Center.

Pat Robertson gave a fairly accurate geographical assessment of the area as a hotbed of people who are not currently, dogmatically beholden to a particular line of thought just yet, which I believe falls under the current parlance of “liberal.” If, of course, he was talking about the larger Foggy Bottom rather than the Department of State.

And, since a post like this will resemble an epitaph should one person’s insane rantings continue to be consumed and believed by an ignorant American public, let me say this, please:

I want to be the first shadow burned into the wall when Pat Robertson’s day of reckoning comes.

Sofa King writes:

> When one speaks of “Foggy Bottom” in political terms, one is
> talking about the State Department, which is actually more
> than a few blocks away from the area actually known as Foggy
> Bottom.

Um, what you linked to there was a webpage for the Foggy Bottom Metro station, which is at the northwest corner of 23th and I Street NW. That’s right at the edge of the neighborhood of Foggy Bottom. The station was placed there because it is intended to serve not just Foggy Bottom, but also West End, the southern edge of Dupont Circle, and maybe the closer parts of Downtown and Georgetown. The State Department is located at 22nd and C Street NW, which is within what’s usually classified as Foggy Bottom. Somehow I suspect that Pat Robertson was talking about the State Department and not the Metro station.

Wouldn’t Pat Robertson’s HQ down in VA Beach be an equally attractive target? I mean, you’ve got Oceana Naval Air Station, Norfolk Naval Shipyard up I-64 from there, the CIA training center in York County…