How many Dopers can you fit in your car?

How manny Dopers have been in your car, or, how many of theirs have you ridden in?

I’ve transported:


I’ve taken a ride or so with:



I’ve taken ssskuggiii and hypergirl around town in my Celica, and I have room for up to three passengers simultaneously, assuming two of them are willing to be decapitated so that they may fit comfortably in the backseat.

While I’ve never transported Dopers in my car, I would have to say that if I tried, I could probably fit approximately 487 of them. That clowns-in-the-VW effect, you know. :wink:

Dopers I’ve had in my car:

Jess, RTFirefly, and Melin* – Norfolk Dopefest

iampunhaFalcon’s Ravens/Redskins football blowout Dopefest

and, of course: Anniz. :slight_smile:

Hmm, I could only take 1 normal-sized passenger. If there are midget or young dopers out there, I figure one could go in the front trunk and another in the back trunk. My car was not built to be practical, that’s for sure.

I took Captain Amazing back to his apartment after “Meet FairyChatMom!” or whatever the heck we called that.

I’ve ridden with pldennison, montfort, althea, john corrado, sqrl cub and dcnewsman, and shared a metro car with pld, peta tzunami, falcon, sqrl and dc. And had the roads in delaware not been iced over, I would have driven with andygirl to and from richmond. Had the couch all niced-up for her, too.

Oh, and BTW if there’s anyone in the Fairfax area who needs a ride to Jeff Olsen’s place for the dopefest March 17, shout out or something:) As I said to Captain Amazing, unless you’re bringing a small African nation with you I can take you. I have a suburban, which can comfortable fit five people and three dogs (or, if we need it, ten people).

I give broys a ride to class about twice a week. It would be impossible to fit in any more dopers, unless they are very short and want to sit on his lap and/or the console.

Two. Ayesha and Cyndar.

MrCynical has been in our car. I have been in LittleNemo, beatle, Sealemon, Balance and Chef Troy’s cars. Geez I get around !

Hmm, I feel like such a shirker… I transorted cooldude two blocks.

Theoretically, I could hold 4-7 Dopers inside (depending on size and ability to crouch in the cargo area) and possibly 2 on the roof rack- depending on local traffic laws and said Dopers willingness to be talked into doing something really really stupid.

It would work best if all Dopers involved were pretty small…

Anyone need a ride??? :wink: