How many First Cousins have you had?

If your parents are/were both only children, then you will have had zero first cousins. If they both came from large families who produced many next generation offspring then you may have hundreds of first cousins.

For clarity’s sake this poll is for a count of the number of offspring of your blood uncles and aunts on both sides of your family. Not step-cousins unless they are the offspring of a blood aunt or uncle. Not first cousins once removed or any of that. Just plain first cousins.

You don’t have to do an actual count. A reasonable guess will work.

An example: On my mother’s side there are three. On my father’s side there are nine. So my total number of first cousins is twelve.

Eight. Five paternal and three maternal.

That said, “how many have you had” made me think this thread was going to go in a completely different direction.

I’ve got four. Each of my parents had one sister, and each sister had two sons.

34 - 8 on my mom’s side and 26 on my dad’s side (two of my dad’s sisters were prolific breeders)

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Sixteen for me: 10 paternal, 6 maternal.

I think the wording was probably to accommodate the inclusion of first cousins who have shuffled off the mortal coil, as one of mine has.

I’m at nine – seven paternal, two maternal. But as the youngest of six with a 20-year span between youngest and oldest, my first cousins are all much older than me. I’m closer in age to my second cousins.

Ummm…can we define “had”?

My first cousins number 5. Two by one of my mother’s sisters and three by another.

My mom was one of twelve, so a huge glut there. And if we were counting first cousins once removed, I could add at least twenty more. My grandmother has something like sixty living descendents.

Five, and ditto!

Just the one, but it was legal in that state.

Um, yeah. There was one cousin… but never mind.

Two paternal and I-honestly-lost-count maternally. At least forty - there were six siblings with five large families, and my namesake uncle had two sets over time.

I’ve got 8.

My mom has 140+, because both of her parents came from families of 12 kids so she had a lot of aunts and uncles out there. She’s only close-ish with a handful, though.

None. My mom had one sister, my dad has one brother, but neither had any children.

My uncle’s second wife had a child who was early teens when they married. I’ve met him, but only once or twice.

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6 maternal, 30 paternal.

That’s twenty two aunts and uncles producing an average of over six kids each. . .surely that 140 includes removes, or spouses?

32 or 33. I’ve got 29 on my mother’s side and 3 or 4 on my father’s, which we were not close to.

My mother was one of six, and including the five of us kids in my family, there were 34 grandchildren. My son was the 100th great-grandchild.

I can name all of the cousins, and a fair number of their spouses, but I’m lost when it comes to all of the children.

Three. My father was a only child, and my mom had but one brother.


freckafree’s interpretation is why I used “had” instead of “have.”

There’s no way to control minds that leap at the incestual train of thought. So, go your own way. :slight_smile: