How many hearts have you broken?

I broke two hearts early on. I didn’t understand what was happening to them. Then at age 16, along came Barbara. [Rudyard Kipling]And I learned about women from her[/Kipling]

She had her brother drive her to my house one Saturday afternoon. I was in the front yard, working on my car. She handed me a couple of 45 RPM records I’d left at her house, and said we were “Breaking up.” As she walked off, I stood there with the records in one hand and a spark plug wrench in the other, just staring. She turned once and said: “Oh yeah, don’t come get me tonight. I’m not going to the dance with you.”

So I swiped two beers from my mom’s refirgerator and climbed up on the roof of the house, a good place to sit and think. I drank the beers, smoked some cigarettes, and pondered the mysteries of life.

Somewhere in the middle of the second beer, I suddenly understood what the previous two girls I’d broken up with had felt.

Since then, I have always tried very hard not to create too high expectations in the girls/women I dated. At the same time, I’ve been very cautious about what I let myself feel in the early stages of a relationship.

Still, some of that happens. I know there were at least four after that that I hurt by breaking off with them, and two that tore me up pretty good.

So:hearts broken, 6.
Had mine broken, 3.

61, Male, married for 18 years. (This time) :smiley:

Sorry, jackalope. Hope everything works out. Perhaps we can drink heavily this weekend.

I would say I have broken a dozen or more hearts, some more serious than others. I would also say that there was a period in my life when I did…questionable things, romantically speaking.

I would say I’ve had my heart broken four or five times–twice that really smarted.

None that I’m aware of, though I had to tell a couple of friends that I wasn’t interested in anything beyond being friends. I’m sure that hurt them some, but I don’t think there was any serious heartbreak there.

Broken? A couple of times, mildly. And one time, almost a year ago, that was so bad there was a time or two I almost started considering suicide, if thinking, “I’m not going to do it, but being dead sure would be a way not to hurt like this any more!” counts as almost considering it.

I’m more or less over that one, I think. The weirdest part is I’ve gotten more attention from dateable guys in the year since than I had for years beforehand…

Female, 27, haven’t broken any hearts that I know of. Been on the other end three times, though.

I have initiated 2 breakups, but think it would be a stretch to say I broke their hearts. First was my first boyfriend. After two of his closest friends came to me independently and said, “you know he treats you like crap. You deserve better.” I began to think it over. I don’t think he was heart broken, just put out that he’d have to take the bus to work instead of catching a ride with me. I was such an ass.

Next boyfriend broke my heart after 5 years together.

On rebound from heart break I married someone from the same mold as boyfriend #1. I don’t think his heart was ever really mine to break. I was however, devastated and counted myself a complete failure.

35, divorced, femail.

I’m 18, female and have been in a relationship for 7 months. I have had to tell two guys that told me they love me that I didn’t love them. I’m still friends with both the guys. Only one of them is still in love with me. (It’s been 3 years, so I don’t think he’s going to stop anytime soon!)

One of my other friends had a crush on me, and asked me out. But I don’t think that counts as he wasn’t in love with me.

I had my heart broken once…by my ex-husband. I don’t think I’ll ever have my heart broken again. I don’t know if its because my guard’s up now, or if it seems to me that any heart-trouble after that miserable instance could even come close.

I mean, I would be upset if my bf, whom I love very much, broke up, but I don’t think I would go through the spectacular ache I went through with my first love, who was my ex-husband.

Its laughable to me to think that I could actually break someone’s heart. To my knowledge, its never happened.

I’m female, now married and I’ve broken a few hearts along the way in my 44 years (next week).

The only one that still makes me wince when I think of him, was a young man who I used-- to escape from the dreary little town in Connecticut that I was trapped in. I was 18, he 19, and he fell in love with me. When he graduated from aircraft mechanics school, we set off for southern California–as his father lived out there. We got our own place–near the beach–pretty quickly. I lost weight and realized that I wanted to be part of the singles scene. It nearly drove him around the bend. I made it worse, as I couldn’t afford to move out into my own place for about 6 months, so I actually brought dates home–not deliberately rubbing his (still-in-love-with-me) face in it–but I knew I was hurting him.

All these years later, I look back and shake my head at how cruel I was to someone whose only mistake was loving me.

I do believe in karma, and I’ve had my heart broken at least a half-dozen times. I think I deserved them all. Lesson learned. Never pretend to love someone or think that you will learn to love them. It doesn’t work.

Current score:

Hearts broken = 2 (estimated)
Been broken = 2

I guess I’m even at the moment. Time is a powerful force that can heal over the hardest breakups. Once I realized that I have not been as afraid to open myself up to love someone. Good memories are no replacement for a love that once was, but I consider it a life experience to treasure, relive those memories from time to time, and drive on. I’ve never thought it to be a bad thing to fall in love.

I’ve broken one heart if you count the guy when I was 15 and he was 33. We weren’t romantically involved, and I still don’t really know what his intentions were, but I really hurt him because I didn’t want to be friends with him anymore. Hmmm, it just seemed wrong when I got old enough, ya know?


But I’ve gotten my heart broken many a time, too many to count! Makes for good (or bad, depending upon how you look at it) poetry!

F, 33, Married ( 11 years, no broken hearts there!!! :smiley: )

M, 26, single.
Hearts broken: 2

Been broken: 1
No doubt both of these will have many more added.

33, male, single. I’ve broken three, and I feel terribly about each of them.

It’s a sobering thought to think how much love I’ve walked away from.

Also been on the receiving end twice. That’s no picnic either.

24, M, single. Kyomara, I think mine will balance yours out. Mine’s been broken 3 or 4 times – it feels like a punch to the gut for a very long time – but I’ve never broken the heart of another.

31, F, separated. I broke his: four. He broke mine: three This would indicate I am due for mine, but I think I will be the one ending my current relationship making mine five to three. But then, I think the four or five I broke were not as bad as one of the ones I got that was terribly intense.

18, female, seriously dating someone.
I joked for a few years in high school that I was a heartbreaker. Every time a guy says they’re in love with me, and they’ve only been on like, one date with me, I tend to let em go… and maybe I’d broken their hearts, but I think not, nothing was that serious. I do seem to attract unrequited love and marriage offers, though… I think I’m up to 3 now? The moment I knew that my heartbreaker joke wasn’t funny, I broke up with a boyfriend of 18 months, because I just didn’t feel the same way he did about me, and I definately broke his heart.
So one, definately.
Maybe the South African busdriver too… I went on a date with him, and he said he loved me and wanted me to marry him… there may have been an offer for children in there… I asked him to take me home and not call me anymore. I have a feeling he bounced back, though

I’ve broken 2 hearts that I know of.

Had mine broken: Twice.

So I’m even, for now. Hopefully I can avoid heartbreak on either side for awhile.

I’m 22, female, in a relationship(3 months and counting)

Not a one.

One. I thought it would be the safest way to break up. I was partially right.

I’ve caused a few romantic disappointments, but I would be surprised to hear that I had actually broken someone’s heart. For me, a broken heart implies that you were actually in love. Most of the people I’ve disappointed were still in the crush phase.

I’ve had my heart broken twice. Nothing will ever be as painful as the first one. When first love ends, it feels as if the whole world is going to end as well. Getting over that one helped me realize that I could overcome virtually anything.

Had broken 2
Broken 2

Broke even there I guess.

Male, 56, widowed, nothing going so far,sob