How many here are in the path of this massive rain storm?

They are forecasting 6 or more inches of rain in the next three days. Started here Tues evening and will go through Friday.

Its actually pretty soothing. A constant downpour on the house. No thunder or lightening. Thank goodness I live up on the side of a hill. I’m off work and have no plans to step outside. So I can just enjoy the steady downpour. How many of you are in the path of this storm?

We are getting a pretty good downpour here in Austin. We need it here too.

“Need it”

You do know how that usually ends right? :slight_smile:

Sunny now but the rain a few days ago was so bad that there was a mudslide in a canyon which fell on the tracks and derailed the ACE train. The first car went into the creek. Happily no one was badly injured - only one of 14 injured is still in the hospital in good condition.
But we need the rain in the Bay Area. More coming tomorrow and Friday.