How Many Hetero Male Dopers Dislike Anal Sex?

This is a weird question for me. I don’t know how to feel about it.

My wife likes it up the ass from time to time. Generally, I’m happy to oblige.

However, I am also generally repulsed by the idea as well. It doesn’t feel “right” and sometimes my wife tells me that it makes her feel like she has to, well, shit.

To me, this is a serious turnoff, despite the fact that she (on the very rare occasions this actually happens) seems to really like it, even if I’m decidedly “meh” on the topic.

I think its just gross in general, sticking your cock up someone’s gnarly poo-hole, no matter the sexual preference.

Sometimes a fella doesn’t want to wash his cock after sex, but if I ever have anal sex, washing it is necessary. As I said, its gross. It squicks me out.

Furthermore, moder pRon isn’t all that helpful either, since so many sites feature ass-sex as some kind of goal to achieve (and don’t get me started on the turnoff that is the transfer of cock from ass of girl to mouth of girl for a sloppy moneyshot…ugh).

Is it just me, or does anyone else find this to just be disgusting and a huge turnoff?

That said, I’ll gladly shove a dildo in her cavity if she requests it, but other than that, I just can’t get any more freaky. It’s just…GROSS! It’s POOP!


Oh, I think it’s fine as long as he warns me beforehand.

And therein (I’m going to get flamed!) lies my disgust with the idea of homosexual sex as well.

Its not that I don’t find other men attractive in some sense, it’s the idea of me or he sticking our cocks in someone else’s hairy, gnarly cornhole that just makes me feel ill.

I don’t tie female desire for an object to be stuffed into her ass as some immoral, horrible thing, it just doesn’t turn me on. At all.

I do it on the rare occasions that my wife requests it because she seems to like it. But I’m not a fan.

I, too, am not turned on by it at all. If that’s your thing then, well, have fun! But for me? No thanks.

I don’t speak for all gay males (only my constituency) but considering how revolted I am at the thought of performing cunnilingus it would be hypocritical for me to flame you.:smiley:

I actually know several hetero guys who have taken it up the ass before- not from another man but from a sex toy- and enjoyed it. Remember that the colon is to nerve endings what Atlanta is to runways and railroads (which may explain why Atlanta is one of the gayest cities in America, though I doubt it).

The first time I fucked a girl, it was in her ass.

Ever thought of using some kind of barrier, say, made of rubber, if it “squicks” you out so much?

I don’t like it in porn at all.

In my private life . . . I’m not a big fan. It’s been good a couple times, but vaginal sex is just so much better to me. Plus, I kind of feel like I’m hurting her, and yeah, the whole shithole thing can be a little gross if you think about it too much and/or aren’t drunk.

I had a friend who loved it, and he said it was because the ass, unlike the vadge, “pushes back.”

This is pretty much exactly how I feel.

And Sampiro, LOL, and also:

I’ve let my wife use one of her dildos on me a couple times. Wanted to try it, etc but it was just too…weird for me.

I guess I just have some hangups about it that I can’t get out of my mind.

I am also in no way disagreeing that the anus isn’t an erogenous zone. It is. Just not for me.

Considering I like putting it in girls’ asses, it seems hypocritical of me to say that the idea of a dildo going in mine grosses me the fuck out. But oh well. The only thing I let a girl put near my ass is her tongue.

Sorry, man, I love it.

Way TMI perhaps, but I’m gay and I don’t go down that road (or “open that tunnel to traffic” perhaps being a better analogy), same reason. A lot of gay guys don’t.

Heh. I’m just trying to gauge how “alone” I am in this crazy sex-fueled world…

Not at all. Sex is like the part of our brain that Tim Burton directed and built the sets for: no rhyme nor reason and few general rules. I’ve known straight guys who love giving and receiving anal sex from/with girls, gay guys who have no desire to give or to receive it, women who get turned on by watching lesbians but could never do another woman and gay guys who get turned on by straight porn- so long as it doesn’t throw anybody overboard, whatever floats your boat.

Some comedian I watched a long time ago said “the great thing about the Internet is that before it you thought you were absolutely insane and degenerate because watching goats humping turned you on; now you log onto the net to watch goat humping and have to specify if you want Nubians or Angora, how old, and in a pasture, barn, or living room”.

Ha, but I suppose I should clarify that I am equally squicked out by goat sex!

ETA: Sampiro…are there a lot of gay men that “get by” with only (presuming here) hand jobs and oral sex, whereby anal sex is…offputting to them? Obviously the assumption is that…gay men by and large enjoy anal sex, and seek it out…

Damn, you’re just impossible to please.

True. No idea of the statistics, but I’ve known more than a few. For those who do enjoy it there’s little if any connection twixt how “straight acting” or effeminate they are and whether they want to be on the giving or receiving end or are versatile.

Same with rimming. Icks me out to no [del]end[/del]degree, yet I know both gays and straights who love doing it or having it done. According to a family “oral tradition” my grandfather ran naked from a whorehouse in WW1 France when a prostitute began fellating him (he was an Alabama farmboy and wasn’t a virgin but that was alien to him); I was a similar situation the first time I got rimmed (except it wasn’t in France and it wasn’t a whore so I guess it’s really just the Alabama farmboy getting icked out part that’s the same).

That is the best family story EVER.

Yeah, that pretty well wins the thread in my opinion.

This. I dislike the idea of anal sex. But then I dislike cheese, alcohol, and smoking as well. It’s just my preferences.

I wish I could specify my porn more accurately, because I would completely eliminate anal. I don’t like how anal sex seems to be considered more ‘advanced’ or ‘expert’ than vaginal or oral sex, as if it is the default destination of a journey that passes through regular vaginal sax.

Vaginal intercourse is the gateway sex that leads you to anal. DUH. Get with the program. :rolleyes: