How many months must a girl wait for a job . . . ?

So I applied for a job (which I found listed on in mid-November. Because the position involves writing/editing, the application itself requires the completion of some writing exercises, and the submission of writing samples.

So I did all that, and sent my goodies on their way.

About a month later, my SO inquired as to whether I’d heard anything about the job. I said, no and that, at that point, I didn’t figure I would.

As it turned out, I got an email from the company the next day, saying basically, “Congratulations! You’ve made it to Round 2, in which you will write MORE things for us!” And lemme tell ya, the Round 2 exercises were no joke! It took me a week to complete (meanwhile all of the conspiracy theorists I know were beginning to suspect that the whole thing was a ploy on the company’s part to get free material), but I finally sent THOSE goodies on their way.

And heard nothing for a couple more months. At one point, I did email to confirm that my second submission had been received; I received an email saying yes, it had, and that it was in the final stages of review.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I got a call (at 7:30 pm, on my cell phone, when I was slightly tipsy and stuffing my face with Hamburger Helper at my SO’s house) from someone at the company. At first (perhaps because of the wine?) I thought she said that my second submission DID NOT pass their screening. I was disappointed, but thought, "Gee, it’s nice of them to CALL the rejects . . . "

Then she started talking about how the next step would be to bring me in for an interview.

I was so confused. “OK,” I said, hoping I didn’t sound as drunk as I suddenly felt, “at first it sounded like bad news, but now it sounds like GOOD news!”

She replied that there was one caveat: they weren’t 100% sure that they’d have an opening. They didn’t like to conduct interviews until they were positive of an open position, so we wouldn’t be able to schedule the interview just yet. She said she’d know something within a couple of weeks, and gave me a number to contact her if I hadn’t heard anything by then.

That was 2 weeks ago. And I’ve heard nothing since. So I just called her . . .

. . . and she’s not in. I left a message, but I am SO ready for some closure, here!

But I guess the wait continues . . .

( . . . and BTW, at this point I’m assuming I just mistakenly heard a “DIDN’T [pass our screening]” where she said “DID”.)

And how odd is it to call me (and, I assume, other applicants who made the second cut) and say, "We might want to interview you, if we have an opening . . . "

Why wouldn’t they just wait until they knew for sure that there’d be an opening?

And if they’re NOT sure, why was an opening advertised on in November?

I’m so confused.



Thanks for letting me vent.

Just a WAG: the downturn in the economy is catching up with a lot of companies. They may be a bit less sure now that they can afford to hire someone, than they were in November.

And the interview stage, where they have to pay to fly people in, put them up in a hotel, etc., is the first point at which the hiring process runs into real money, as opposed to ‘just’ employee time. So someone’s probably said, “Hey wait a minute - let’s not shell out real dough until we know for sure we’re going to hire someone.”

I know that kinda sucks from your POV, auntie em, especially after having put serious effort into their writing exercises. Good luck.

OK, I totally understand that, especially in terms of listing a job in November and then not being sure it’s available in February . . .

. . . but why call me until they know something for sure?

(And FTR, they can interview me without shelling out for plane fare or accommodations, so I think they should just give me the job, don’t you? :wink: )

My guess is that they thought you had waited long enough without an answer and were doing their best to be polite and let you know something.

The only thing I need to know is “You’re Hired!” Failing that, I’d settle for "Sorry Charlie . . . "

But the information I’ve been given isn’t helping me at all. :dubious: :wink:

auntie em

I think to an extent it depends on the type of job? One of the jobs I went for was working for a branch of “The Government” ( I could tell you, but then I’d have to track you down and… ;)) and that took 6 months from application to interview; then approximately another month after the interview before they called and told me I had been successful, and asked if I still wanted the job.

So. Patience, Grasshopper. *grin.

Best of luck to you.

No kidding. I’ve been nicely let down twice in the past six months by people who found out that they couldn’t afford to hire someone after all.:frowning:

Dunno Em, but I wish you luck!