How many Netflix things have you rated?

Within the past month or two I went on a jag of rating everything we had rented in the eight years we have been subscribers, after having seen the whole rating thing as a gimmick. Then I went ahead and have spent hours at a whack rating things I’ve seen since childhood but never rented from Netflix. Haven’t even considered rating things I haven’t seen at all. But still I feel I have an impressive number of rated things with over 2,000 (2452 at last count).

I just can’t believe this story! So I’m asking if any of you are in the category of “extreme raters.”

  1. Didn’t realize that was “extreme.”

I’m at 1265. I need to step it up!

I’m a slacker. 828.

Ha! 490. And I thought that was a lot.

489, but I only rated items I’d seen during the Netflix subscription, and all ratings were made while the film was very fresh in mind.

300, but only netflixing for 2 months.

1,083. Probably kind of low.


I don’t rate even the ones I get from Netflix.

383 - I’ve only been a subscriber for a few months. Most of that is stuf I’ve seen before I joined, obviously.

1682 since signing up in 2000.

266 after a couple of years.

It never returns anything useful to me anyway so I largely don’t bother.

I’ve rated 1151 movies/shows.

I really miss the Netflix Friends feature, where you could pull up a movie and see the ratings and reviews your friends gave it.

I dunno …


Only 843 but it feels like a lot more!

I could probably beef it up a lot if I went through their TV DVDs, but I don’t need TV recommendations from them anyway.

I tend to mark a lot of stuff “Not Interested,” and they count that as a rating too, so between “Not Interested,” stuff I’ve rented or seen in the theater since I joined in 2005, and older ratings from my IMDb account, I’ve got something like 4,000 - 4,500 ratings.

They’ve got a feature where you can rate genres and themes by how often you watch that kind of thing: “Never - Sometimes - Often,” and I find that that helps with recommendations a lot.

Nope, I was low: 4,701.

What do I win? :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably fewer than ten. I don’t really enjoy rating things, and it seemed to make their recommendations no more accurate but far less entertaining, so I stopped.

Ah. That explains it. I thought 3004 seemed a wee bit high.

I was good about rating stuff initially, so they wouldn’t recommend total crap, but now . . . meh. I haven’t looked at how many, but I’d be astonished if it was even close to 100.