How many non-Americans were killed in WTC tragedy?

When the World Trade Centers were destroyed,how many non-Americans were killed and how badly did it impact non-American economic interests?

Since the World Trade Centers were so named, it seems logical that they were an international venue in which business-persons both American and Foreign could meet and create wealth through mutual cooperation.

With this in mind, there must have been a sizable population of Mid-Eastern and Arab businessmen present in the Buildings when they were destroyed. Was there any attempt by the terrorists to exclude Islamics from the carnage, or were they left to die?

I heard but could not confirm that there were also many new Far-eastern businessmen, particularly from Mainland China who were present for the first time and doing business with the West when the attacks occurred.

I am not asking about military or political effects. I am asking if the destruction of a center of commerce such as the WTC effected non-american countries economically? How many mutually-beneficial and humanitarian business deals were snuffed out? Will we ever know or be able to repair these losses?

If Mid-Eastern and Far-Eastern businessmen died that day, then would it explain the unusual cooperation the USA received from most of the civilized world when we invaded and destroyed the Taliban govenment?

At the time I was amazed that we were not prevented from invading by traditional American enemies such as Red China and the Middle East. There was a surprising lack of opposition in diplomatic channels. Was the USA given a green light because the rest of the world suffered as much as we did???

From CBSNews:

No attempt was made to protect Muslims. How could it be?

The global economy was profoundly affected, most obviously and directly by the effect on reinsurance market, which is global.

I think I heard somewhere that in the minds of the hijackers, any Muslims killed in the attacks would automatically become martyrs. So in their twisted logic, they were doing the Muslims killed a favor

Twenty-four (24) Canadians were killed, according to a link at this source

Here’s a U.S. State Department report on foreign and American muslims killed in the World Trade Center attack. It involves a lot of speculation, though, because it was written only a week after the attack. I’ll try and find one more up to date.

Red China is at least 2 decades out of date. China suffices unless you’re a stickler and mention the Republican United States as a rule. We haven’t been enemies in the traditional sense for several decades as well.

Yes, there were Chinese nationals killed in the WTC, but I can’t remember off hand how many.

China borders Afganistan and does not want a religious muslim state influencing the Muslims in Xinjiang province. China also thinks that radical Muslim seperatists were receiving aid and training from the Taliban. Also, China has been the victim of multiple terrorist attacks by Muslims fighting for an independant Xinjiang.