It truly was the "World" Trade Center


Amidst all the “America Under Attack” rhetoric, let’s remember that the casualties of this disaster will likely include people of many different nationalities. It is unlikely that any of us around the world will escape this disaster unburdened by loss.

New York is the most cosmopolitan city in the world, and its commercial capital. A great deal of the financial traffic that drives economies around the globe passed through the WTC, and it was transacted and overseen by people from many different nations. I hope that these nations have the resolve to find real solutions to this infestation of evil in the world. This cannot be allowed to happen again. Ever.


The media in other countries (I get German and Mexican TV, have seen BBC coverage online) have been stating that most likely nationals of their countries are among the dead.
When the USA will act, it won’t be alone. I am confident NATO allies and other nations will retaliate too, one way or another.

Just came across this:

Makes me wonder just how many sleepless nights the survivors had since that day of disaster. :frowning:

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