How Many of the Best Pictures of the last 25 years have you seen?

Saw The King’s Speech on my flight last night and it got me wondering how many of these I’ve seen. Poll to come.

All 25.

Not at all surprised, AG. I’ve missed two, Titanic and Million Dollar Baby. Just not that motivated to see either.

16 of them. I thought it would be fewer, actually.

The only ones I’ve never seen at all are Cider House Rules, Slumdog Millionaire and The Hurt Locker. I’ve seen parts of Driving Miss Daisy, Gladiator, Titanic and Braveheart and the rest of the films in their entirety.

I’ve seen ten, which surprises me. Most of the earlier ones were films my parents had rented and watched as “family nights” when I was a kid. And of course I’m much more familiar with the more recent ones.

I’ve seen all of them, though I’m not sure I’ve seen Cider House Rules beginning-to-end. I know I’ve seen parts of it.

I’ve seen eleven, although in some cases, it was many years after they were released. I only saw a couple (Shakespeare in Love and Return of the King) before they won the award.

eta: I missed one completely, so make it twelve. The Departed won Best Picture? Huh. I was in Bulgaria at the time, but actually did see this. I thought it was good, but Best Picture? Well, okay then.


CORRECTION: The Cider House Rules did not win Best Picture of 1999. American Beauty did.

Only eight.

I’ve seen 16

I’ve seen 20 out of the 25. The five I didn’t check I’ve seen bits and pieces of but not the complete films.

Also, sorry to nitpick, but 1999’s Best Picture was American Beauty not Cider House Rules. I have seen American Beauty so that would make it 21 out of 25.

22, if you count American Beauty. I’ve yet to see *Crash, Beautiful Mind *and Hurt Locker.

Ok, I was gonna say, I didn’t remember that getting Best Pic.

17 out of 25, then.

19, including American Beauty.

That’s more than I would have thought, especially considering I don’t go to the movies all that much. It has very often been the case that the Best Picture has been one of only two or three movies I went to all year.

Not sure what this may mean, but it occurs to me that I don’t have a single one on the list in my DVD collection.

22, if you count American Beauty. I’ve yet to see Crash, Million Dollar Baby and Hurt Locker.

Is there an echo here?