How many of you have to work an extra hour tonight?

The whole spring back or fall forward… I remember getting to leave work an hour early in the spring. However, I was off the day falling forward came around. While some of us get the luxury of an extra hour of sleep, I’m sure it affects some of your late-night shifts.

How many of you are getting screwed into working an extra hour tonight?

Yo. IT duty all weekend. Lucky for me, I can be on duty in my pajamas (part of the time anyway), but I’d sure rather be snoozing in said pajamas.

Huh? There are employers who make night shift workers work an extra hour? They’d jolly well want to make them work an our less next autumn as a pay-off. I’ve never heard of that. Night shift at my workplace finishes a certain number of hours after commencement of duty, rather than at a certain time (sure the two coincide on 363 days of the year, but it’s the principle).

Erm… I meant next spring. Damned hemispheres.

I worked an extra hour 2 years ago as a night desk clerk in a dorm due to the “fall back” hour.

My mother has a friend who’s a nurse who often works the night shift. When the time changes she ends up working a thirteen hour shift, instead of her regular twelve hours.