How many people have no personal baggage?

I am 34 years old. I have no kids, no ex-wives, no ex-fiancees, no restraining orders, no large debts, no serious diseases, no physical malformities, etc.

Also, I am educated, gainfully employed, and reasonably attractive (at least I’ve been told that, ask somebody from the recent ChiDopeFest if you doubt).

I know of one other person over the age of 25 who can also make these claims. How rare is it? Anybody else out there?

Am I a normal guy who hasn’t found the right gal and also hasn’t fallen for Ms. Not-so-right? Or, am I some kind of social misfit?

The one person I DO know who can make these claims is female and single and we have had occasional trysts but never a serious romantic relationship. I’ve known her for 15 years or so.

I have a male friend who got married but his wife had a complete mental breakdown and ended up in a mental instition within 3 months of their marriage (marriage, a new high pressure job, and some deaths in her family combined to stress her mind past the smapping point). So, his baggage is minimal. I would be interested in hearing from others with minimal baggage.

No luggage jokes, please. :slight_smile:

No baggage here, babe :wink:

My God.
There must be someting wrong with you.
Either that or maybe your baggage hasn’t been acquired yet.

That must be extremely difficult to do, seeing as I don’t know a single person who does not have a “Thing”.

Maybe it’s because people who have all this baggage seeks the company of others who can empathize. I am not sure.

Does it feel good? I can’t imagine myself any other way, I am used to being like this.

Anyway, I am not really the person you are looking for in this thread.


Kids are considered “baggage?” Okay, they are heavy, difficult to carry on airplanes, and their straps come undone at inconvenient times, but really…

At least no more baggage than is necessary to carry around your sex-toy-of-the-day, huh Porc?

I do not have any personal baggage at 29.
of course I help carry everyone elses it seems.


I’ve got an ex-fiancé and a shoulder injury but other than that I’m equally clean. Mind you, I’m desperately hoping to buy a house and join the landed poor. And maybe get a dog.

There’s lots of people like us, we’re just invisible because people who have little to complain about are not very interesting to listen to.

I think “baggage” is a subjective thing. I’ve experienced a couple of things a lot of people would describe as baggage if it happened to them, yet I am fine. Why? Because I made a conscious decision to let it go. Baggage just weighs you down, and is a way of letting someone or something use your mind without paying for the privilege. Who needs it?

I think baggage is only “baggage” if it affects your behavior to some degree. By this standard, I now have no baggage. It was nota always that way.

I don’t qualify. I have enough personal baggage for someone twice my age. But I’m moving west without it.

As long as I don’t go for a Sybian, I think everything will fit nicely into my Coach bag.

Baggage is a loaded term, but It’s hard to believe that anybody doesn’t have some to some degree. Can you really say that there isn’t a song that makes you spend rest of the evening thinking melancholiclly you of a girl in high school that wish you would have done something differently. Have you ever seen a guy who you couldn’t help but dislike because he reminded you of the biggest asshole you have ever known. Basically my deffintion of baggage is something in your psyche that prevents you from dealing with some new situation objectively. Like the other posters have said it’s good if none of it effects your life, but everbody has something that is triggered by situations.

I don’t think I have any baggage. Married, 2 kids, good job, house, etc.

I do, however, have more skeletons than I have closet space.

Vile Orb - you have about one more year to make the claim of having no baggage. After 35, your resume becomes baggage. It’s not fair, but be prepared!

I don’t have any baggage at all.

As long as you don’t ask me about high school. And there were some bad times in college. And yeah those first few relationships sure didn’t go anywhere yet ended badly… Hey, can I get porter over here?

Also 34.










Define “gainfully”. All right, check

Shit. :mad: Would you settle for two out of three?

I am 26.
No marriages, kids, etc.

No debt, great job, attractive enough I guess.

I also have no life, wonder if that matters?


I’m 38, no wifes, no kids, no pets, no problems!

I’m 48. I’m single, have no ex-wives, no kids, no ex-fiances, no restraining orders, no large debts, no serious diseases, and no physical deformities. I’m educated and gainfully employed. Reasonably attractive? Well, apparently not. I’m 4’11", and it’s clear that I can’t attrat a girlfriend to save my life. The last time I had a series of dates that might have lead to a girlfriend was 10 years ago. From all this you might conclude that I have no life, and I suppose you’re right.

30, divorced, two kids-joint cutody, some debt(exacerbated by G-D playing Job with me in the last month), yeah I’ve got baggage. but it’s manageable, I have strong arms so I can carry it just fine.

Oh, and Vileorb, I had a great time talking with you at ChiDope.

Ladies, trust me he’s cool!