How many people have you said "I love you" to?

This is inspired by Idle Thoughts thread.

Some people in that thread mentioned how they thought they’d been in love and now realise it wasn’t the real deal. So now I’m curious, how many people have you been in love with compared to how many people you have said “I love you” to. Friends and family don’t count. I’m talking just about partners here.

I suppose I should go first. I’ve only been in love once, and he’s the only person I have said “I love you” to.

Pretty much anyone who ever made me a sandwich.

Maybe that’s why I’ve been getting some strange looks from the kitchen help at Denny’s lately.

I’m one of the posters that said “one” on the other thread, but to answer your question: Dozens. Maybe a dozen dozens!

But never in my life have I said it first. :wink:

I’ve said it to one boyfriend-type-person. I’ve never been in love.

Three relationships, three people. Never for any of the infatuation/physical examples.

I know I said I love you to the father of my children at least once or twice. Or, at least I think I did. I mean I must have. I really can’t remember, it was never something I said, because it was never really something I felt.
Now I say it at least 3 or 4 times a day.

So my answer is 2. The father of my boys and my husband.

Geez, probably hundreds. The girl this morning at Starbucks who made the perfect mocha was the last.

Relationship-wise though? Probably 5-6. At the time I said it I seem to have meant it every single time. That’s a dumb thing to say if you’re not feeling it. Keep in mind that being in love does not necessarily mean you’re making a pledge for 'forever".

Once, to a dog. He licked himself and left the room.

Three times. One was my first girlfriend, and I said it because I thought I was supposed to. The other two were unrequited.

People I’ve said it to: 4
Peope I’ve actually turned out to be in love with: 2

Relationship wise-2

One. I married her.

Damn fool.

Um… 3.

One boyfriend whom I really was in love with. My first love – he dumped me and broke my heart.

My first husband – a rebound situation. I was never in love with him, I’m sorry to say. I dumped him and broke his heart. I’m sorry for that, too.

My second husband. We’re still married (19 years) and I’m still very much in love with him.

My wife (ex now).
My son and daughter almost every day, usually every time I see them.
My current GF. I told her first, and her jaw dropped because she was going to tell me, but didn’t wanna pressure me or freak me out.

Total = 4 (although nobody mentioned parents…are they exempt?)


Then she told me I didn’t mean it.

Hmm I don’t know, 3 or 4? And the only time I ever said it first was when it was the real deal.

(I have been deluded twice, as I mentioned in the other thread, but the other times it was said to me first and I responded more out of a sense of politeness rather than of mutual feeling. Well I was a teenager, whaddaya want?)

Yeah, I’m just curious about partners. With people in the other thread saying that they thought they were in love, and then decided they wern’t. So now I’m curious about how many people they’ve said it to and if they mean it.

Three times
Well three in relationships
Hundreds just because

I mean it every time

There are just different levels of love, I still love my first boyfriend, I don’t want to be with him, but I love the person he is.
IMO love evolves just like anything else (a bit faster though :slight_smile: ) I love an ex just as much as I did when I was seeing him, but it has changed into a different form.

I will say that I have never been devastated by another person. The two people that I loved and lost were great guys and we left on good terms (more or less)
The one that I am still loving I can imagine life without.

SO’s: 3. Wasn’t lying twice.
Family members: a couple dozen, including each of my kids.
Freinds: 6, in various states of intoxication.

Not including parents and my dog, 1.

He said it first, I said it back because thats what I was supposed to do. I tried to break up with him not long after, and broke his heart.

I still feel like crap about saying something I didnt mean, and breaking his heart cause he thought I meant it.