How many times would you say you've really been in love?

I realize that that term may be subject to major personal opinion and, of course, definition of what love really is…but that’s what makes it such a good question to ask. You’d get a multitude of answers.
Myself, I’ve been in love twice before.

Interesting question. I thought about this for quite a while. I’d say I have been in love five times. That’s over a forty-year period.

I now believe that the first dozen or so times that I thought I was in love, I was actually just in lust. The real thing didn’t come along until I was in my late twenties.



I figure you mean romantic love so not counting my children, who were/are my first 2 great loves, just once.

I loved him so much I married him.

Still do. :wink:

Just once.

She’s in the next room right now. And she’s a keeper.

Just once. I didn’t realize it until I actually DID fall in love though. Next to the real thing, the other relationships seemed like nothing at all.

I sure wish that the one love hadn’t also been the “one to get away”. :slight_smile: (where’s the rueful smilie when you need one?)


With several false starts.

Three times. Third time’s the charm, I hear, and I’m still madly in love with him.

Three. I hope the fourth won’t be so horrifyingly painful.

Just once, and that was enough of that. Now it’s time for fun!


I have felt very fond of a couple of them. I used to wonder if love was just deep affection. But then…

My sister’s long-time boyfriend broke up with her last December. This June, we had to go to the store where he worked for something-or-other. I wasn’t sure if he still worked there because I had seen him at a different place of employment recently, so I assumed it was safe. I was wrong.

He was there, doing cart clean-up in the parking lot. The moment my sister saw him, tears started rolling down her cheeks. She was shaken that she could see him, could get close enough to touch him, but he wouldn’t return the niceties if they were to come face-to-face*. It took her a few minutes to get up the gumption to go in the store. We took a really wide detour to avoid him and all was good in my world. It wasn’t in hers, though.

I suppose that’s love. Nope, can’t say I’ve ever felt that.

*Okay, that sentence is just speculation, but I would bet my last dime that it’s very close to how she would explain that day.

Three. And I second the “third time’s the charm” statement.

Once, the relationship I’m in now.

I don’t get attracted to people easily. I’m not really the dating type, and I’ve only ever seriously felt like being with two people in my life, current love included. The other was an incidence of unrequited “love” in high school, but (luckily) it didn’t come to fruition, so I don’t count it.

Just once, and it was so good that I went and kept him.

But I did delude myself twice.

I’ve only really been “in love” once and that’s with the person I’m with. I never really understood what it meant. I’ve felt affection and called it love. I’ve wanted to be with people and thought I was in love.

There’s a huge difference you only see once you find the real stuff.

Twice. Then and now. I’m keeping this one, so it’s the last time :slight_smile: .

Not sure. Probably not even once.

True love?

I’d have to say twice.

I’ve had six people I qualify with the title ‘boyfriend’; the first two were just summer romances, the third was major, though it only lasted three months. The fourth was just wrong and pretty much hormonal, though I did feel tender to him; the fifth was a rapidly solved infatuation; and the sixth (Potter) was True Love, complete with transcendence, nine-hour conversations, and blissed-out babbling.


Unrequited love… many many times. Too many times.

Just the once, and I get to marry him. :slight_smile: