How many people will come to your funeral?

I can count about six for myself. All of my living relatives, except the second cousins in another state I haven’t seen in years who wouldn’t even remember me.

Weird question. My extended family, my wife’s extended family, some of my workmates, all of my friends in the state – probably fifty or so people, I’d guess.


Normally I’d say not very many, but I think my wife would make sure a lot of folks actually show up.

Whether they are poeple I’d actually like to be there is something else entirely …

Not having one. I have in my will that I’m to be cremated (after all the usable stuff is donated), and my sister is to scatter my ashes in a duck-pond near where we grew up.

I do have a list of about 50 people to be notified when I die, if that counts . . .

One is all I care about… The one that places these ashes right by my lighthouse…

I suppose it depends on who’s left… Then again, like Eve, I intend to have everything useful be donated, and I’m thinking that what’s left over can go to a med school or something. Otherwise, it can be toasted and tossed into a convenient body of water.

My family is fairly well known in quite a few places. My Aunt’s funeral had over 600. My Grandparents had about 300 or so at each.

So, I dunno… maybe a dozen or so.

Actually, start out with about 60 to 80 family members (serious), add in my 20 or so closest friends and their families, then the 100 or so peple I know either through work or hobbies… Even if they just send cards and don’t attend, it still looks like a lot.

But, do they like me enough to attend? That’s the deciding factor. Well, if not actually liking me, I think a good many of them would show because of my family.