How many plastic surgeries would it take...

…to make Michael Jackson look remotely like he did in his “Beat It/Thriller” days? (I mean, in terms of facial structure–the shape of his cheeks, nose, chin etc., not necessarily his skin color or making him look 20 years younger)

You know, after a certain point there’s no return…

Oooo! This is one of those mystical questions with no answer, isn’t it? Sort of like “How many grains of sand are on the ocean floor?”

Michael = Latoya

You’ll never convince me otherwise. :slight_smile:

“How many grains of sand are on the ocean floor?”

I think that would not only be easier to answer, but would also be the smaller number.

AFAIK it’s impossible. He’s gone past the point of no return with his nose. I suppose he could always pull a Tycho Brahe…

Just letting you know I got it, Silentgoldfish.

Did anyone else but me see the pics of Jacko and hear Kramer in the background screaming “I tell you Jerry, it’s the Pigman!!!”?

Am I really the only one that saw the movie posters for the Planet of the Apes remake and actually had to double-check that Helena Bonham Carter’s character in full make-up wasn’t Michael Jackson? Honestly. That thing threw me at least a dozen times…

I keep seeing that picture from the court trial, and it ALWAYS nearly makes me gag. It’s awful. But I agree that I don’t think it could be reversed - its just gone too far.

Wow, I saw Jacko’s picture in the newspaper yesterday and thought exactly the same thing, but in reverse. He even has the same hair!

Did you guys miss this thread?

I think you’ll like Johnny LA’s link.

From the looks of it, the surgeons have given up on conventional methods and are now just slapping things on with a little grout and spackle.
I think he’s past the point of no return.


Perhaps a good plastic surgeon will reconstruct his face from Mikey’s own tissue instead of plastic.

Personally, some butt tissue is probably best.

Then ever time Elizabeth Taylor kisses him, she’ll be kissing his ass as well.


They could always try grafting on a cadaver nose…or, working from old photographs, construct a mesh “frame” on which to to grow samples of Michael’s own nose cartilage, for later implantation. Though they might have to use a naked lab rat as a temporary “host” for the growing pseudonose.

Either way, it’s better than what he has now.

Failing that…
(To quote one of the masters, “Jane: The girl is so obsessed with being beautiful that it turns her into something really ugly. That’s the message of the poster. So it takes me a while!”)