How many posts did you lose?

With everything rolled back to december data, how many posts did you lose?

That was also my first post to see where I was at. I don’t really see that I lost any on my post count… maybe my memory isn’t all that good.

I lost about a hundred or so. I was like this close to nailing 1K and wham with my post ratio it’s gonna take awhile to get back there.

All of them.
I had just registered, and had about 30 or so.
I racked up about 70 on the pseudo-board, so just add 100 to my pitiful 3 or 4 in the margin. :wink:

I must have had more posts than I thought then. I know I did quite a few during between December 7 and the board going down. I was starting to think that the post cound must have been store seperately and was saved.

Couple hundred. I was fairly close to 7K (like in the high 6800 range) and now I’m in the low 6500s.

I think I lost somewhere around 250-300 posts (I was somewhere in the 1700’s). Not that there was much content in them, but still, it just seems like I’ve lost some history.

:shrugs: Oh well.

I am still very glad to be back here.

I lost about 100. Dagnabbit.

I was a little over 600 by that time…

Oh well, now I can have another 600 post “party” such as it is…

I was lucky and didn’t lose any. Of course that just goes to show how infrequently I post. Maybe I’ll be able to hit 100 by 2003.

About 250 of my best posts and my name.

My first 16 posts were just screwing about in some of the less serious forums and mostly lurking. The ones I lost are where I started posting everywhere and becoming more active.

Oh well, :rubs hands together: back to work. :slight_smile:

Good question…let me check…


At least 450 or so. Damn.

All of them!!!:frowning:

Not that they were any good, but still…

Somewhere around 200, probably a bit less. I know I was over 2000 but quite a bit less than 2100.

I lost about 400 - 450. It was quite a prolific posting time for me, I guess. About another 100 on the temp board too.

Ah well. Soon be back over 2,000 anyway. And handy farts that many out whilst on the loo - god only knows how many he lost. All is relative.


I went from the low 4800s to the low 4100s. Winter tends to be my busy posting season, but that’s still more than I would’ve thought: that’s 66 days worth of posts that were lost, so I was apparently averaging over 10 posts a day.

Heh - well, now that I see my post count again, it was probably a bit more than 200, not less than.

I lost about a hundred posts…I was such a slacker then. :stuck_out_tongue: