How many professional sports allow each player to have "The Trophy" ?

Just read an article about an N.B.A. player that got me thinking.

How many sports allow players to obtain a copy of The Trophy? I know for a fact that the N.F.L. allows players to have their own Lombardi Trophy. I’ve held one of two owned by Phil Simms. ( A few months ago while passing through a T.S.A. check point in NYC I saw an officer wearing a Super Bowl Ring featuring the logo of the New England Patriots, and learned what a Friends and Family Super Bowl Ring was. )

So, if you play on an N.B.A. team and your team wins the national title, are you allowed to have your own trophy to keep? I know there’s one Stanley Cup but haven’t found if players can purchase their own copy ( presumably smaller, but hey, it’s ice hockey. Ya never know… )

Anyone know how the various sports handle this?

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All I know is that Stanley Cup rings tend to get stuck in places they shouldn’t get stuck in.

Rings tend to be an American or a N American tradition. In other sports, elsewhere a medal is given, in tournament play right after the final match. Some teams may of their own accord give players and coaches additional things, but thats a private, not official gesture.

Hockey players can indeed get a small replica of the Cup. There are a few different sizes that I have seen but the most common seems to be about 12"-14" tall. They will have the team information engraved on the side in the same format as it appears on the actual Cup.

ETA: If I remember, I should have the chance to take a picture or two of one over the next little while.