How many times a day should you brush your teeth? Some people say 2 or 3 times or after every meal?

How many times a day should you brush your teeth? Some people say three times a day and other people say after every meal.

The more your brush your teeth in day the whiter your teeth? And is it true brushing your teeth more than three times a day could be hard on your gums or damage your gums?

My teeth are not yellow looking but how can I make my teeth look really white,:eek::eek::eek: like the pop stars and movie stars:eek::eek::smack: that have really white teeth. I’m not talking about fake teeth that look really white like some movie stars but teeth that are really white looking.

I have been brushing my teeth three times a day like crazy and thinking of brushing my teeth more!! But I’m concerned it may be too much for my teeth and gums if I’m always brushing my teeth every 4 hours.

I have interview in a month and I want my teeth to look really white. But I’m concerned more than three times in a day may lead to problems.

Get some tooth-whitening strips and forget the over-brushing.

My dentist has advised me to brush and floss twice a day to ward off gingivitis

I’ve been brushing my teeth twice a day for at least 60 years. My dentist tells me my teeth are “like rocks”.

Like everything else, “follow the money”. If the people who market toothpaste say “three times a day”, consider that to be more than enough. The equivalent of Jiffy Lube saying come back and buy more oil from us after 3,000 miles.

I consider twice a day to be adequate, and if I forget, I don’t worry about it.

More important than frequency is technique. Learn how to brush, and aside from schedule, follow your dentist’s recommendations about additives and brush construction, and floss at least when necessary for pesky particles, if not regularly.

Toothpaste itself is of no particular value, except to reduce malodorous breath and as a carrier for some useful ingredients, such as fluoride and tartar control. Otherwise you can brush without it.

^ This. Gargle with mouthwash after (I was given a specific brand: Listerine® total care; its the one that’s purple).

Once upon a time, our dentist started advising us to brush after every meal, including lunch. Then our orthodontist started recommending five times daily, adding just after getting up and just before going to bed. That was when I decided I could safely ignore both and just keep doing it twice daily.

Too lazy to look this up, but I’m pretty use what’s needed is that all plaque is removed once every 24 hours, and that there’s no benefit to brushing more than twice a day.

You can absolutely damage your gums and even your teeth by brushing too hard. I don’t think brushing often when done correctly (use a soft brush, never a hard one, don’t push too hard) leads to damage.

However, you also don’t want to brush when your teeth are demineralized from ingesting acids or sugars that the bacteria in your mouth turn into acids. After this, minerals from your teeth are dissolved for 45 minutes and it then takes 4 hours for them to be reconstituted from minerals that are present in your saliva.

As for whiteness: your teeth may be stained and then a professional cleaning will make them whiter. A lot of brushing with whitening toothpaste also helps. But if there’s no stains then they won’t get any whither. The enamel on the outside is pretty white but also somewhat translucent, the dentin underneath is naturally more yellow.

If you want to have teeth like a moviestar you’ll have to do what they do and bleach your teeth, which will make them sensitive to heat/cold and other stuff, or get veneers.

If it hasn’t happened yet, I predict the day is coming when the actors in movies will have their teeth whitened by CGI.

Animals never brush their teeth and they seem to not have problems!

They also don’t eat sugar.

The most important brushing is before bedtime. Saliva is one of your natural defenses against bacteria and saliva production drops at night.

Yea some people say two times a day and some people say three times a day. Well the two times day or three times day like morning, lunch and at night time before you go to sleep.

Well I’m concerned more than three times a day may damage my gums or make my gums sore.

If the teeth is really yellow or neglect than tooth-whitening strips or seeing dentist may be better option.

If the teeth is not bad but not best than brushing your teeth two or three times day may be better option.:confused: But it will take two or three weeks for you to see improvements brushing your teeth two or three times day?

I brush in the morning, once during the day, and just before bed. I only use baking soda. I also floss 1-5 times per week. My dentist says my teeth are spectacular. Well, maybe not in so many words, but I can see it in his body language and the twinkle in his eyes.

And however many times a day you brush, always remember to never let the water run.

I haven’t and mine aren’t but that is what every dentist I’ve ever had has recommended. Most have suggested in the AM to get all that nastiness that builds up as we sleep off the teeth and again at bedtime to get rid of the bits of food and stuff that contribute to that nastiness.

My dentist told me to see him three times a day and to brush twice a year. :smiley:

I brush only in the morning but floss lots. I’m nearly 64 and just lost my first non-wisdom tooth and it was a non-hygene related issue.

I only brush at night before bed. I have a few fillings (none in the last few years), but otherwise my teeth have always been fine.

There’s no evidence to support any particular brushing regimen, but it is quite clear that overbrushing can cause serious damage to the gums and teeth. It is a particularly bad idea to brush your teeth within 30 minutes of eating or drinking because you can damage the enamel.
If you want your teeth to look like the unreal white chiclets many actors sport, you’ll have to spend a lot of money to get veneers placed.