How many times can PETA jump the shark before they become completely irrelevant?

Just have to ask.

From sea kittens

to Veggieville

and now requesting that be donated to them

Sure it’s getting them press, but it’s Fred Phelps quality. Making noise so people don’t completely forget about them.

Really more mundane and pointless than a serious IMHO, but if a mod decides to toss it over the fence I’ll go with it.

PETA can continue to do whatever crosses its mind as long as the money keeps coming in. There’s not going to be any mass public uprising against them that they can’t counter with cash.

They would NEVER jump a shark! How cruel is that to these fine tigers of the deep? You should be ashamed of yourself for even putting such horrible thoughts into words! Sea kitten killer!

Dran it, Leaper, I was going to say that!

Wait, PETA has relevance? Since when?

They might hook a few people now and again, but by and large PETA is only relevant to members of PETA anymore.

So the creditors say it’s the most valuable domain name in the world, and PETA wants them to give it to PETA.

That’s even dumber than their normal bullshit, which is saying a lot.

“Please give us free stuff.” It’s not dumb at all. Rather optimistic, but not dumb.

The others…yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes sense. Doesn’t everyone think of PETA when they think of sex? :smiley:

Maybe PITA during anal sex!

I should have been more specific. Since these people are suiing to recover as much of their money as possible, and the domain name is the most valuable asset, it’s a pretty fuckin’ stupid of PETA to expect them to give it away.

Maybe they wanted the domain to expand on what I consider their most valuable contribution to public discourse: convincing models and actresses to pose nude for their ads.

Perhaps they could expand it into a paysite: “I’d rather do hot girl-on-girl action than wear fur.”

Got a link to a nude PETA ad? I may have to reconsider.

I don’t think there’s anything I hate more than PETA.

If PETA is encouraging naked actresse and models, they may be rehabilitated. I would contribute toward safe houses for naked starlets, with webcams.

Sure thing. When the animation is done click on the word “Images”.

They never actually show anything. They couldn’t put them in a lot of places if they did.

As has been pointed out PETA was never relevant. To people with no real interest in animal rights* and protections PETA comes off as a bunch of ineffective crazy whackjobs. To people who are interested in animal rights PETA comes off as a bunch of ineffective crazy whackjobs who hurt the cause of fighting for real reforms in animal rights. They go to the extreme, where some organizations will quietly lobby for political reforms for livestock farming or commercial fishing, which is actually doing something, PETA goes for the craziness of wanting people to call fish “sea kittens”. So really PETA is only relevant to PETA.

*I kind of dislike the term “animal rights”, it makes it sound like we want them all turned loose and given voting rights. “Protections” is probably a better word for what we want.

I’m curious if anyone else has had a run-in with PETA personally. I don’t want to hijack this thread with my story on why I hate PETA, so I started a new thread here.

If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong!

http: // (link disabled for NSFW reasons)

Well, if they can start us thinking of PETA when we think of sex–if everyone looking for a site ends up on a PETA site–then that’s bound to kill a lot of moods (and boners), and over time, possibly lead to a reduction of the human population, which means more room for animals. They’re just thinking long-term ;)–to the extent that the term “thinking” ever describes anything PETA does.