How many times have you gotten someone kicked out of a movie theatre?

I just did last week for the first time, and I’m 40.

About 1/2 dozen teenagers who came into and out of one theatre multiple times while the movie was running, were talking continuously and not quietly, and their personal texting devices were conspicuously alight. The initial “please don’t add your own soundtrack” request in the trailers plus two verbal warnings from managers were apparently insufficient. Third time, they were out.

Just wondering how often others have done this.

I am 46 and have never been kicked out of a movie theatre. In fact, I can’t recall ever being kicked out of anywhere.

I did once. Again it was those damn teenagers. They were being noisy and throwing things at the theater screen. So I told a manager and she kicked the guys out.

Only once. He was a haggard, stinky drunk, late 40s maybe. I went for a manager and said the guy was muttering, swearing at the screen and his fellow moviegoers, and swigging from a bottle of malt liquor. The manager promised to send an usher, but nothing happened. However, when the guy lit up a cigarette, the manager took immediate action. :rolleyes: