How many top 100 albums do you own?

I’ve watched most of the VH1 list of top 100 albums ever and then came to realise that I only owned two!

AC/DC’s Back in Black and Guns N Roses’ Appetite for Destruction.

The list can be found at VH! Top 100

so how many do you own? I guess you can have bragging rights for owning the most!

Seven. Most of which I bought over 20 years ago, back in high school. Nice to see that my musical tastes have matured from “the best” to “not the best”.

The Who - Who’s next
Joni Mitchell - Blue
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge over Troubled Water
Carole King - Tapestry
Police - Synchronicity
Pink Floyd - DSOTM
Peter Gabriel - So

At one time or another, I have owned 13 of them. I currently own 3. Pretty crappy list, IMHO.

No Rush??? How can this be???

Seventeen that I either own or have owned.

-Abbey Road
-Sgt. Pepper
-White Album
-Who’s Next
-Joshua Tree
-Born to Run
-Bridge Over Troubled Water
-Hotel California
-Appetite for Destruction
-Dark Side of the Moon
-Darkness at the Edge of Town

Many were bought in my high school days when I worked as a DJ at a local station. Of the above, only nine are CDs, the rest are either vinyl or cassette.

I knew there was a problem when I heard that Britney Spears was asked to vote on this list… I own all 100 of Scarred’s Top 100 Albums. As for VH1, I own 9. My list has an entry for XTC, which is sorely lacking by the clowns at VH1. Not enough Liz Phairs in the world.

What a bizzare list. Several selections aren’t even the best or most significant work of that artist, by a long shot. Saturday Night Fever? Syncronicity??

I own or have owned 11 of these albums, some on vinyl which I can no longer play but just don’t have the heart to throw away.

I didn’t do too badly based on VH1’s list.

(BTW, Scarred, I envy you for owning all 100 of your top 100 albums. I wish I did but I’ve had too many stolen or destroyed over the years. sigh.)

30 of VH1’s albums I either currently own or I owned them in the past and did not give them up voluntarily.

Still Own:
Nirvana - Nevermind
U2 - The Joshua Tree
Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols
The Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground & Nico
The Clash - London Calling
Guns N’ Roses - Appetite For Destruction
David Bowie - The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust
Police - Synchronicity
Pretenders - Pretenders
Ramones - Ramones
Bee Gees - Saturday Night Fever
The Stooges - Raw Power
Beastie Boys - Paul’s Boutique
The Replacements - Let It Be
Pearl Jam - Ten
AC/DC - Back In Black
Cream - Disraeli Gears
Peter Gabriel - So
R.E.M - Murmur
Used to Own:
The Beatles – Revolver
Prince & The Revolution - Purple Rain
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Patti Smith - Horses
Eagles - Hotel California
David Bowie - Hunky Dory
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
The Doors - The Doors
Television - Marquee Moon
The Who – Tommy
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

I own two, how un-punk-rock of me.

Owned at one point:

Nirvana – Nevermind
Sex Pistols --Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols
Public Enemy – It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
The Clash – London Calling
N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton
Miles Davis – Bitches Brew
Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique
The Replacements – Let It Be
Currently own:

Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue
Radiohead – OK Computer

Only 2. Hmm.

And, I imagine anytime a list like this is generated, it’s going to piss some people off. But including LIZ f-ing PHAIR in the top 100 of all time? Give me a break. :rolleyes: (I wish I could make the little rolleyes guy much bigger in this case)

I’ve got 16 of them:

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Beatles (aka The White Album)
The Who - Who’s Next
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
The Clash - London Calling
Van Morrison - Moondance
Guns N’ Roses - Appetite For Destruction
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
U2 - Achtung Baby
Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffitti
AC/DC - Back In Black
Cream - Disraeli Gears
The Who - Tommy
Radiohead - OK Computer

How fucking embarrassing. I have FORTY-ONE of the hundred in my house. Some were bought by my wife before we got together, many are only on vinyl, and haven’t been listened to since college or so.

Basically ALL the Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Springsteen, Simon & Garf, Who, Van Morrison, David Bowie, and Hendrix albums cited, plus

Beach Boys; PET SOUNDS
Joni Mitchell; BLUE
Velvet Underground; VU & NICO
Pretenders; PRETENDERS
Miles Davis; KIND OF BLUE
Replacements; LET IT BE
Derek & Dominoes; LAYLA

Weird. I don’t consider my rock/pop collection to be anywhere near as comprehensive as my jazz or classical.

I currently own 17 of the albums, and I really don’t feel like naming them all. However, I will suggest that everyone picks up Jeff Buckley’s “Grace” (number 73 on the list, I believe). It’s an AMAZING album, and he’s got the greatest voice I’ve ever heard, IMHO.

19 of 'em. Most on vinyl which never get played, unfortunately.

Abbey Road
Sgt. Pepper
Thw White Album
Born to Run
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Hotel California
Led Zeppelin I, II, and Physical Graffiti
Dark Side of the Moon
Sat Night Fever
The Doors
Sweet Baby James
Back in Black
Disraeli Gears

It IS a pretty crummy list, too.

Is the Elvis the ONLY pre-1965 material?

I’m saddened but not surprised that the entire San Francisco acid-rock movement was summarily ignored, but The Band didn’t make it at ALL? Wow. It wasn’t all that long ago that the Brown Album, at least, was hitting top TEN lists.

You Bastard! Do you know what kind of heart-ache you’re dredging up here? All of my LPs are gone due to The Great Yard-Sale of '99, and alot of my CD’s got lost in a cross-country move. <insert loud pathetic sobbing>

Here is my list (the CDs I still have with an asterisk)
35 - Total
6 - Still Own

The Beatles - Revolver
Nirvana - Nevermind *****
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced?
The Beatles - Rubber Soul
The Beatles - Abbey Road
Bob Dylan - Blonde On Blonde
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Beatles - The Beatles (aka The White Album) *****
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols *****
The Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed
The Clash - London Calling
Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run
Patti Smith - Horses *****
Eagles - Hotel California
Carole King - Tapestry
Guns N’ Roses - Appetite For Destruction *****
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II
Sly & The Family Stone - Stand!
The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers
David Bowie - The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust *****
Police - Synchronicity
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
Pretenders - Pretenders
Crosby Stills Nash & Young - Déjà Vu
Bruce Springsteen - Darkness On The Edge Of Town
Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffitti
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Axis: Bold As Love
Pearl Jam - Ten
AC/DC - Back In Black
Cream - Disraeli Gears
Peter Gabriel - So
Jackson Five - ABC

36, and I’m proud to say that the B52’s isn’t one of them. One of the 100 greatest albums of all time. :rolleyes:

Wow. I’m actually surprised at how many of these I own. I missed Ike’s record by one.
Here they are:

  1. The Beatles: Revolver
  2. Nirvana: Nevermind
  3. Marvin Gaye: What’s Going On
  4. Jimi Hendrix Experience: Are You Experienced?
  5. The Beatles: Rubber Soul
  6. The Beatles: Abbey Road
  7. The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  8. The Beatles: The Beatles (aka The White Album)
  9. The Who: Who’s Next
  10. Sex Pistols: Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols
  11. The Velvet Underground: Velvet Underground & Nico
  12. Public Enemy: It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
  13. Elvis Presley: Sun Sessions
  14. Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited
  15. The Clash: London Calling
  16. Patti Smith: Horses
  17. Simon & Garfunkel: Bridge Over Troubled Water
  18. Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin
  19. Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin II
  20. David Bowie: Hunky Dory
  21. David Bowie: The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust
  22. Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon
  23. Ramones: Ramones
  24. Parliament: Mothership Connection
  25. Kraftwerk: Trans-Europe Express
  26. The Doors: The Doors
  27. Crosby Stills Nash & Young: Déjà Vu
  28. Curtis Mayfield: Superfly
  29. The Stooges: Raw Power
  30. Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffitti
  31. Jimi Hendrix Experience: Electric Ladyland
  32. Beastie Boys: Paul’s Boutique
  33. The Who: Quadrophenia
  34. Cream: Disraeli Gears
  35. Talking Heads: Remain In Light
  36. The Who: Tommy
  37. Peter Gabriel: So
  38. R.E.M: Murmur
  39. Ray Charles: Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music
  40. The B-52s: The B-52s

Maybe not so surprisingly, only a handful are still on my regular-rotation playlist (Stooges, Ramones, Elvis). And, yeah, my top 100 would be substantially different.


i have all the rolling stones ones, with the exception of Exile on Main Street. Perhaps I should take that as a hint?

Not bad. Still, I’m PO-ed that they left off Aftermath, Scary Monsters, Pearl, Led Zeppelin IV, Bat out of Hell…and Nevermind as number TWO?! Nooo!! Anyway. VH1 has never dictated its tastes to me. Directly, at least. Okay here’s what I do own:

Let it Bleed
Sticky Fingers
Beggar’s Banquet
Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust
Dusty in Memphis
Appetite for Destruction
The Doors (technically, its my parents…)
Dark Side of the Moon (again, technically I don’t own it…)
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
The White Album
Who’s Next

I have 47, some I’ve got on both vinyl and CD
Either that means I have good taste in music, or my tastes are pretty mediocre and middle of the road. Probably the latter.

The Beatles-Revolver
Marvin Gaye-What’s Going On
Jimi Hendrix Experience-Are You Experienced?
The Beatles-Rubber Soul
Stevie Wonder-Songs In The Key Of Life
The Beatles-Abbey Road
Bob Dylan-Blonde On Blonde
The Beatles-The Beatles (aka The White Album)
The Rolling Stones-Exile On Main Street
The Who-Who’s Next
U2-The Joshua Tree
Fleetwood Mac-Rumours
Prince & The Revolution-Purple Rain
Michael Jackson-Thriller
The Rolling Stones-Let It Bleed
Bruce Springsteen-Born To Run
Bob Dylan-Blood On The Tracks
Van Morrison-Moondance
Prince-Sign O’ The Times
Lauryn Hill-The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill
Eagles-Hotel California
Carole King-Tapestry
Guns N’ Roses-Appetite For Destruction
Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppelin II
The Rolling Stones-Sticky Fingers
David Bowie-The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust
Pink Floyd-Dark Side Of The Moon
The Doors-The Doors
U2-Achtung Baby
Led Zeppelin-Physical Graffitti
Jimi Hendrix Experience-Electric Ladyland
Jeff Buckley-Grace
Pearl Jam-Ten
Elvis Costello-My Aim Is True
Paul Simon-Graceland
The Who-Quadrophenia
Derek & The Dominos-Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs
The Who-Tommy
Peter Gabriel-So
Tina Turner-Private Dancer
Madonna-Like A Prayer

Some artists/albums I like that never made the list…

Matthew Sweet-Girlfriend
Freedy Johnson-This perfect world.The title song is probably the creepiest song ever. I shudder every time I hear"You oughta see your face"
Annie Lennox-solo or as Eurthymics
Dave Matthews-Crash
Frank Zappa-Apostrophe
Beatles-Hard days night
Framptom comes alive–this was a must in the 70’s

I’m trying to forget about some of the other LP’d I’ve bought…Men at work, Asia,ZZ Top, Huey Lewis and the News,Rod Stewart :shudder:

Dude! The b-52s rule!
I have a pretty decent number of those albums. All the Bowie, Zeppelin, Van Morrison, U2, Springsteen, Beatles, and Dylan ones. Also Grace, The Doors, Murmer, My Aim is True., Raw Power, Horses, Who’s Next, Bridge Over Troubled Water, London Calling, Disreali Gears, The Ramones, Tapestry, and I’m sure a couple others I’m missing. It blew my mind that Zeppelin IV wasn’t on the list. Not only is it an awesome album, but it’s also an overrated album.
And I was a little upset by the small number of pre-Beatles bands on the list. Other than that, I think this was probably the best list VH1’s done. The Greatest Artists was just insane (Van Halen above The Ramones, the Talking Heads, and Simon and Garfunkle?), and the 100 songs was just an excuse to suck up to the Beatles and the Stones. The 100 Women was allright, but the top five seemed a little off to me.