How many women have been caught not wearing a bra?

I think it was normal back in the 60’s and 70’s for women to go without a bra, but not too sure after that.

Did you eve get caught by your parents or by your school?

Come on ladies young or old what did they say (did they just stare)?

What did they do?

What kind of question is this? “Caught” to me means somebody sees you doing something wrong. Is not wearing a bra “wrong”?

No it’s not wrong it’s just naughty lol

How is it naughty?

It’s not naughty to go braless. It’s comfort.
It’s only naughty if people are leering at your chest.
Men don’t wear jock straps and I have no problem ‘not’ staring at their crotch.

No, it could mean “something inappropriate”, such as violating a formal dress code, or just an informal one. Or simply attracting undesired attention.

'Cause…boobs! Ha ha ha ha! BOOBS!

I’m guessing the o.p.'s all time favorite film is either Porky’s or Revenge of the Nerds.


Ok. Is not wearing a bra “something inappropriate”?

Parents thought it was wrong and schools didn’t allow it … Come on this is about women getting caught and seeing the reaction of their seniors not what women think.

So you want spank material? Find a different website for that.

Trust me, it is abundantly clear that you don’t care what women think.


Hey, Mr Quatro. Why didn’t God warn you about the pandemic in one of your regular chats with him?

You know those Female Body Inspector badges they sell at the porn shops are just a joke. They don’t really give you any legal authority.

Thank you Darren for bringing up that subject in an innocent thread like this one, but in fact I have been in tune with the Lord. I’m too afraid to go back to the political thread that you must have read three years ago about the “Democrats would win their election, but then comes the knife”

Turned out to be the electoral college was the knife … sure glad Hillary didn’t win, but then again I’m a redneck more than a Trump supporter.

I do have a word for you though, “President Trump will win the next election in November 2020 and then he will give the White House up to VP Mike Pence”

Not brave enough to get my ass kicked over there in the political threads though. :eek:

The prophecy is two years old and still holds through … Oh there was one more prophecy on why Trump would win the election in November 2020 seems that Obama has secrets that have not been revealed yet and when they do come out it will take VP Biden down with him right before the election.

But this is an innocent thread, mostly for women of the 60’s and 70’s I would think, to share their moments of being shamed by their elders.

So, eleven year olds are allowed to post here now? Yuck.

This is a very wrong thread and should be closed instantly. Disgusting.

Oh, what the actual fuck. “Caught” ?

How about you quit acting like a gross, lecherous creep?

please, wrong on so many levels

This is just a fun innocent thread for women to tell me about being shamed for being naughty!