how might i obtain a list of nyc publishing companies?

I’ve recently left my advertising job and I’m looking to work in book publishing public relations… I want to send my info directly to heads of these departments and H.R… would anyone happen to know how to obtain a listing of NYC publishing companies? I’ve tried Google and others, but it doesn’t give me a comprehensive listing…I’m looking for something within the industry perhaps…

Go to Super Pages. The link lists over 300.

you saved my life! Know anyone who’s looking for publicity help? :slight_smile:

Go to your local public library’s reference desk and ask for Literary Market Place. It’s a gigantic-phone-book-sized reference of EVERYONE affiliated with publishing. Heck, I’m even in there!

also, any help on how to log out from your boyfriend’s account and log in under yourself would be helpful, as the real 1000moneys has not, in fact recently left his advertising job (though quite frankly he would like to-though not to publishing).

that said, the real 1000monkeys thanks you as well as he sees a far off horizon in which he doesn’t pay for dinner every time. has a jobs page that posts available positions in the industry. Look under the Industry Resources link.

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