How much alcohol have you had at one sitting?

Somewhat inspired by this thread , I was wondering what is the most alcohol you’ve had in one sitting?

Back when I was young and foolish I had a few crazy benders, here are some of my anecdotes.

  • I turned 21 and my buddy was manager/bartender at the night club I used to frequent. He made me “Ball Breakers” all night. What’s a “Ball Breaker”? 1.5 ounces of white rum, 1.5 ounces of Bacardi 151 and a splash of coke. Oh yeah that night he forgot the white rum and they were triple “Ball Breakers”. I had 5 or 6 of those.

  • My first corporate Christmas party. I had had a good first year and everybody was buying me drinks. I was drinking scotch on the rocks. I asked everybody a couple of days later and I figure I did 20+ as well as a couple glasses of wine with dinner.

  • Lastly I went to a wine and cheese party and had 2 bottles of red wine. Then we started playing drinking Jenga (tumble the tower, do a shot). I had 3 shots.

The commonality of all 3 of these events, I was drunker than a skunk, and each time I puked my guts out, woke up and felt not too bad!


Oktoberfest 2005. 12 hours, 11 beers*. I won’t ever do that again.

*) 1 liter each, of course. It’s the Oktoberfest, after all.

Sorry, 2004, actually. Last year it was nowhere near that bad.

7 “pussycafees” each having six to eight stripes of liquor each.

Half of a Heinekin. That’s also my total alcohol consumption to date. I got it in Hong Kong at age 18 just because I could. It was disgusting, I threw it away, and I’m done with alcohol for life.

Yeah, beer sucks. Some of the harder drinks can be quite tasty.

My personal maximum is nine shots, delivered in three tall glasses of mango juice (among other things). I couldn’t taste the alcohol at all, which wound up causing problems. I distinctly remember looking at the glass in my hand and thinking “If I have another one of these, I’m going to start singing. I will try to stop myself, and I will fail.” I had it anyway, and sure enough… :rolleyes:

Uh. That I can verify because we counted before we started drinking, 14 mixed shots. (We made 30, two of each of 15, I tuckered out at 14 so my friend had 16.) I am sure I had more at my 21st because the interlude where we (same friend) were matching B52s with some big dude - about six shots there I think - was in the middle of all the other drinking. But I honestly don’t remember.

Other than that back in college it used to take me about 7 vodka and oranges to get started. After which I can’t account for how much drinking would follow.

Jesus, I was stupid. FTR I drink moderately for pleasure not intoxication these days.