Longest you've been drunk

So today was the Summer Solstice parade here in Santa Barbara, so a buddy and I have been drunk since about 1 PM. Right now I’m trying to decide if I should do the sensible thing and go to sleep or if I should just keep on rockin’ like Dokken.

I know that I’ve been drunk for longer than today’s current five hours, but probably never more than eight hours straight. And yes, I realize this is probably a sign of alcoholism, but I’m not gonna worry about that right now.

How about all y’all? Anybody done 12 hours straight? And, whoever has the longest time, did you want to die the morning after?

I dunno, getting laid off next week. What’s the record? Actually, I’m blessed with a pretty severe reaction to alcohol with at least a 3 to 1 payoff of pain to pleasure. I’d say the last time was a month I spent in Chicago one weekend. Flew up there as a student pilot with my instructor buddy. Started drinking at 6 pm and I think the bars closed at 5 am. Never repeated the same drink. Fortunately all I had to do the next day was keep some porcelain company. My instructor had to give a business presentation and he actually looked green when he got back. The return trip was very quiet.

That was almost 20 years ago. Haven’t been seriously drunk since. I drink a fair amount of NA beer (is that an oxymoron) at bars now.

Yes. And that day is not my record; that must be when my girlfriend left me. By my reckoning, I did 45 hours that time.

It’s hard to say as it’s pretty hard to stay drunk longer than 8-12 hours without going to sleep at some point (at which point you can start over again).

Erm. Well there was thanksgiving one year during which I wasn’t conscious/sober at any time between the Thursday and Sunday. But as ** msmith537** points out there was no doubt sleep in there… somewhere.

Well, if you’re asleep, you’re still intoxicated. So that counts, and other that counting my longest drunk was somewhere in the neighborhood of 48 hours. If falling asleep resets the clock then about 17 hours.

“other that”?

under that.

No, I’m not working on a new personal best right now.

This is one of the best drunk story sentences ever.

Me, too. Two days of rum ‘n’ coke and cocaine. It took a week to recover. Do not try this at home.

Longest time from a continuous bender? In other words, excluding instances where the buzz from one day’s worth of partying hadn’t dissipated before it was time to punch the ol’ party clock on the following day?

Probably about 36 hours. I can remember a few times when the festivities would start in the late morning, continue into the night, and I was still feeling the effects the next evening.

It’s not as much fun as it sounds. Stay in school, kids.

We’d fly out to Vegas on a flight that arrived at 7:30AM and drink on the flight and not go to sleep until the following day, several times. So over 24 hours more than once. I’d say 36 hours wouldn’t be out of the question. I have to ease out of that kind of drinking, wake up with some Bloody Mary’s and ease into beer or something, taper off and then get some good sleep. Then I’m good to go.

Well, no other chemicals than alcohol and nicotine, and more very, very buzzed than drunk, but a number of times I’ve gone 36-48 hours a number of times. Ripping through 2 or 3 cases at a time. Of course, that was a few years ago during manic phases previous to treatment. These days I can still easily go 24 hours, 36 if a few Bailey’s-coffee are involved. But only if I don’t eat. Get some food in me and it’s lights out.

Keep in mind, while drunk by just about any definition, I rarely “blackout” or get obviously intoxicated to anyone that doesn’t know me. Unless you smell it on me, often you wouldn’t know I had anything. Yeah, the main sign, but hell with it. You asked. :stuck_out_tongue:

Forgot to mention, those marathons usually were followed by a stretch of 12-18 hours of sleep to get right.

I was drunk continuously for two months. Do I win?

With “help” such as that mentioned above, I could drink for at least 2 days straight before I HAD to sleep to avoid psychosis.

But I’m better now.

Of course not, you need to do that kind of shit in public, it’s way more fun. :wink:

I’m really not sure of my answer. I’m a pretty good drunk and have a pretty decent tolerance when it comes to the drink. There’s been many times that I’ve gone down only because I left everyone else in the dust three hours ago and I’m getting bored. I know that my 22nd birthday went two full days and nights before I felt so horribly twisted and shaky that I almost called an ambulance.
Needless to say I don’t turn the volume up on the party stereo that high anymore. I don’t have the kind of time to recover from that kind of thing anymore (nor the oppertunity to ween down a drunk just by slowing down to a tolerable pace, which is the professional’s move). I do know however that I’ll not only test but exceed my personal best at least once more before I die.

Well, I ended going to sleep last night at about 10, so it looks like I ended up with about 9 hours. Woke up at about 8 this morning, feeling wonderful.

Thinking back in a clearer mindset now, there were undoubtedly a few times that I’ve gone longer than that, especially if sleeping doesn’t reset the counter. My first trip to Vegas and the first few days in Fiji come to mind. Fiji was over 24 hours straight, but less than 36 and I doubt I can pin the exact time down much more than that.

I use to drink all weekend every weekend. Often for 48 hours straight. One reason I took this job is I get Wednesdays and Sundays off, which cut my drinking time. (I’ve never been drunk at work).

I don’t drink anymore.

I used to rock and roll all night and party every day. Then it was every other day. Now I can barely find a day or two a month in which to get funky.

Nearly the same boat and Ludovic here. When I was in the service and living in the barracks, I’d alternate between bottles of rum or whiskey and a twelve pack and going to the bar after work (about 4-5pm) and not leaving until it closed (3am).

There was simply nothing else to do.

Now I have a family and no money to speak of, so I buy maybe a twelve pack and a 40 or two on Friday and it lasts me until the next Friday.