How much do you read the board - according to Discourse? Bragging allowed

  • 6.9k days visited
  • 12d read time
  • 2d recent read time
  • 17.5k topics viewed
  • 79.6k posts read
  • 920 topics created
  • 44.3k posts created

So what’s the bottom line - do I have a life or what?

3.6k days
9d read time
2d recent read time
11.5k topics viewed
74.3k posts read
1.4k topics created
19.6k posts created

I know I’ve been here a while, but do I really give the impression that I created THAT MANY topics?
And just because I open a thread, doesn’t mean I read every post in that thread.

I think those #s are hinky.

Here’s a weird one - I Most Replied To Eve! :smiley:


  • 1.5k days visited

  • 10d read time

  • 2d recent read time

  • 4.7k topics viewed

  • 64.2k posts read

  • 0 given

  • 0 received

Zero yucks given or received😝


Old fart 99er.

  • 50 days visited

  • 19h read time

  • 12h recent read time

  • 425 topics viewed

  • 4.4k posts read
    0 given
    1 topic created
    58 posts created
    I am newbie

Welcome to the board! Looks like you’re off to a great start based on those stats. :slight_smile:

Yeah! I recently earned the Enthusiast Badge, for visiting for 10 consecutive days :joy::joy::joy:

Something screwy with some of the stats. My days visited shows only 383 but I have rarely missed a day reading the dope for at least 10-15 years so that can’t be right.

I do have 183,000 posts read which seems low as I almost never post (270 posts), I simply read the whole time I’m here.

Edit: Why is @RealityChuck in the over 500,000 category, when I look at his profile it says 77.6k. There is nothing in his stats anywhere near 500,000.

  • 4.0k days visited

  • 18d read time

  • 5d recent read time

  • 16.6k topics viewed

  • 73.7k posts read

  • 608 topics created

  • 14.5k posts created

I’m not sure why other people would be doing that, but I’m referring to Discourse specifically because on the last platform, vBulletin, I don’t think it had a feature where people could follow their reading stats.

Interesting. Are you always logged in when you’re reading? I think Discourse only counts activity when you’re logged in.

It’s a self vote. He probably either didn’t realize everyone could see his vote or he was mistaken about the number.

That’s the cool thing about Discourse. Now when people say they have been lurking for years, it’s possible to check it out in their profile.

  • 6.8k days visited

  • 33d read time

  • 5d recent read time

  • 28.3k topics viewed

  • 223k posts read

  • 3.0k topics created

  • 63.3k posts created

A new winner emerges!

(from the people posting in the thread, not all the voters)

Didn’t read my post, eh?

Sorry. I did read it. But your profile is hidden, so I couldn’t verify it. I believe you. But I didn’t know if you were kidding or not.

Please remember that I was a Moderator for a bit, which would tend to skew the “read” results just a mite.

Huh. Well, okay; it’s un-hidden now, so you can rest assured that I wasn’t kidding (and that my numbers have gone up since then).

Nice! Thanks. Those are some incredible and inspiring stats, especially considering you joined in 2009, so a decade less than some of the old-timers here. Congrats!

::shrugs amiably::

I just figure it means I have plenty to learn.

:slight_smile: back amiably

I watched the edit/thought process of that post in real time. Very cool!

* 1.9k days visited
* 26d read time
* 8d recent read time
* 4.4k topics viewed
* 100k posts read

* 61 topics created
* 8.9k posts created

Joined 25 Aug 06. Hadn’t realised I’d been here anywhere near that long.