How much do you want, and how much do you need to get it?

Most of us are walking around with a mental list of things we would really, really like to buy, but are holding off on until we get some extra money. I’ve got some extra money coming over the summer; it’s not that much, and I plan to spend most of it on bills, but I was sort of mentally reviewing my ‘wish list’ and considering getting myself one or two things. While I was thinking it over, a question popped into my head: how much more money would I want to have before I allowed myself to have ALL of the things I am lusting after, right this minute. These are things I actually hope to get, mind you, not daydreams of ‘if I won the lottery’, and I didn’t add in things I need but wish I didn’t have to buy.

Most of what I really want are books, shoes, electronics and appliances, to the tune of $1495.07 retail. In order to let myself have all my goodies, guilt-free, I think I would want about ten grand, after taxes.

So say some distant relative dies and leaves you an unexpected inheritance. How much does it need to be for you to have all the items you’re wanting to buy?

I’d like to have about $200k to buy some land we’ve been looking at in Leake County.

That’s it though, that’s enough right there. :slight_smile:

I’d really like to have $10,000 so that I could take the summer off work and not have to worry about daycare for my 9 year-old, and just spend some time at home and with him. And maybe another 5 grand to furnish my new (rental) house just right. That’s all- I’m not greedy.

Interesting question.

I both need and want some good camera equipment, in order to pursue photography full-time…my budget for that is a ballpark $2000.

So I’m saving up, but I think for peace of mind I’d like just as much in my savings account before I spent that amount on equipment. Even equipment that’s going to make me money.

I used to have more than that in my savings, but I worked at a crappy job for seven months and used almost all of it up…now I’m back at a much better job and hoping to save rapidly.

Other than camera equipment…stuff on my “indulgent” list would require at least five grand in savings before I’d consider buying it. And even then I might not. (Expensive handbags, a nice bedroom set, etc.)

I find that the more money I have, the less willing I am to spend it. If I don’t have very much money, I don’t mind spending it because it’s not like I’m losing a whole lot.

I realize this is bizarre logic, but that’s how my brain works.