how much does "it's just lunch" cost

In talking with some friends about the dating service “it’s just lunch” a few friends said it is good, but expensive.

Can anyone give me a ballpark estimate of how much it costs?

They start out asking for $1500, but have offered to drop it down to $1200 so far. I’m not biting, I’ve read some pretty bad reviews and the idiots will not stop calling me even though I have told them I am in a relationship.

What do you get for $1200?

Just lunch.

Thanks for the reply. Since I started this thread, the information I’ve received from other sources is consistent with your experience. I’ve heard the $1500 number, and also read some pretty bad reviews.

For those not familiar with this dating service, the idea is that they set you up with lunch dates. I take the “it’s just lunch” part to be sort of, don’t worry about it, you’re just going to lunch with someone. If it doesn’t work out, it’s no big deal, because, after all, it’s just lunch.

As I understand the process, they meet with you (it’s not done online) and then set up introductions with people in your area with whom you’ll be compatible.

But, if the few reviews I’ve read are any indication, apparently the process they use to set people up is a lot less “customized” than how they present it in your initial meeting with them. Apparently they put a lot of effort into making you feel like they are really getting to know you, etc., you’d never get this from an online dating service, etc. But in fact they pretty much just match people up by age range and hope for the best.

Hard to know for sure from a few reviews posted online, and I’m sure they have many satisfied customers, etc.

But the lackluster reviews, combined witht the very steep (imho anyway) price tag lead me to say that I think I’ll sit this one out.

How many lunches/matches do you get for $1200? Does it include second dates if things go well? I had a friend who did this but I had no idea she paid that much. :eek:

For $1200, my lunch had better come with a blowjob.

But, I guess that’s the idea.

The way they explained it to me was it was a one year deal with a one date a month. From what I’ve read, if you are not to picky they’ll offer you more so that they can fulfill thier commitment to the un-dateable clients. They can ask someone for you if you want to date them again, or you could just hook up on your own without it counting agasit you.

My take (in talking with them and reading about them) was that by spending $1200 to $1500 to meet someone the only guarentee that you have is that you will meet someone who is also willing to spend $1200 to $1500 for a date. Perhaps that alone knocks out a lot of people that don’t have jobs/careers. But actually matching you with someone compatable, no chance.


I’d think that if I split that fee 3 ways, and gave a date a $500 lunch, there would have to be some seriously favorable karma coming my way.

Heck, even a $100 lunch, done once a month should establish my bona-fides as aseriously good dude to get to know better.

Or, better yet, do a $20 lunch and put 80 bucnks into his/her Roth IRA…

No, scratch that last. Potentially too commercial, if you get my drift.

…a $500 lunch 3 time a year…sorry.

…3 times a year…crap!

If you send me $1500, I’ll find someone for you to lunch with every month as well.

Hmm, this seems like a good racket to get into…

My mom’s been nagging me to sign up for this. I think I’ll send her a link to this thread …

not sure how their fees work but my ex-wife just paid them $2200.00, can anyone tell me what that kind of bread gets you?

That is crazy. I had heard of IJL before but I thought that it was like match or eharmony and was like $20/month.

Surprisingly, they have a service in Santa Barbara which has a pretty small dating pool although there are a lot of people with money here.

I just filled out their form using a fake name, a throw away email and a “burner” phone number. I will report back if anything interesting happens. I am expecting a time share style hard sell.

Damn. They just called me back. That was fast. I didn’t answer because the phone was in the other room.

A voice mail from “Kim” in Ventura which is about 40 miles away just asking me to call her back.

Sorry for yet another post but I didn’t realize that this was a zombie thread.

Don’t be sorry!

You gotta tell us what happens next!

I’ve used IJL. The high fee is frankly part of the selling point–it weeds out deadbeats, people living in their parents’ basement, con artists, et cetera. You’re guaranteed one date per month but depending on the male/female ratio in your area you may get a lot more. Don’t expect a lot of customization–they’ll honor any specific parameters that you set (age/race/location/previous marital status) but don’t expect much effort at personality matching. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing because attraction is such a random thing, but if you’re expecting customization for your money you’ll be disappointed. IJL didn’t lead to any relationships for me but that’s more a reflection of me than of the service–I had no complaints about the quality of the women to whom I was introduced.

Warning–if and when you choose to non-renew, you will be hard-sold, and will need to be very firm to get them off your back.

What did you pay?

I gave them a fake name. I made a Yahoo email just for them that I will never use again and a burner phone number. Bring it on!

I do plan to carry it all through and report the results.