How much $ for how many rounds with Mike Tyson?

How much would you have to be paid to enter a ring with Mike Tyson? No automatic weapons or protective gear beyond boxing gear allowed. (i.e., nothing to protect those tasty protruberances on the sides of your noggin.)
I’m not sure I’d accept. While I’d sell various organs/extremities for the right price, not sure I’d be willing to take such a shot to the head. I guess I could have made it easier and specified an insane, rabid, hungry, man-eating lion, but …

Hell, I’d do it for $50,000. Sure, a few million would be great, but honestly, if offered, I’d do it. I’d hold my gloves up around my head so he couldn’t get a good head shot in, and when he hit me in the stomach, I’d go down for the count immediately. A few minutes of pain is worth $50,000. Of course, if he’s going to be rabid, I’d push it to about a million. Since, there could potentially be a broken rib or something due to a punch.


Hmmm, looks like an opinion poll to me. I’m moving this to IMHO.

Given my size compared to his I don’t think any amount of money would suffice since he’d almost certainly kill me in one shot.

Hands-up around my head? Bah…just means my wrists would be broken at the same time my neck snapped.

Gut punch? No way…ruptured kidneys and spleen and whatever else is down there. No thanks.

Ear bitten off? I guess that’s the least of the above options but I’m not eager for that either.

If I could take a fall I’d go for $50,000 otherwise no chance…

if there’s a life insurance plan involved, and the money upon my death can go to someone i deem worthy, i’ll do it for 500k. us dollars. :smiley:

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I’d give it a go for $20,000 a round. I might even last a couple. My height would be a big help, along with my reach. Not that I think I could keep him at bay with my punching power, but it might give me enough room to last a little longer.

For a million bucks, I would let him pummel me to the ground.

For ten million, I’d give him a blowjob afterward. On television.

If my friends gave me hell about it, screw them. I’d buy new ones.

You GO Mr. Cynical! I’d do just about anything if the price was right.

As for Mr. Tyson, I’d take the million for getting in the ring, but when I pummel HIM into the ground, they’d better have a pretty nice purse for me. I’d knock that sucker’s head right off those huge shoulders… I’d have BOTH his ears for lunch. Not only would I tear his heart out, but I’d systematically remove his spleen, liver, kidneys, and most of his large intestine. Not only would I eat his children, I’d puree them and use them as chip dip at my next party…

Oh shit, there I go dreaming again. Ok, I know he’d take me down in one shot, more than likely, but I’d get in that ring for a million, for sure… no questions asked. I’d probably even do it for $500,000.00. Hell, maybe even for $50,000.00. Pain doesn’t hurt for long, and I can do a hell of a lot for a million dollars.