Punching...umm Mike Tyson in the face

Lets say Mike Tyson (or any other boxer/fighter etc) offered you the oppurtunity to have 3 unblocked punches at his face would you do it??

The rules were, if you knock him out/on his ass with any of these 3 (must be above the waist) he would give you X amount of money. However, if you fail, he gets to hit you once, unblocked.

Would you take the bait?

Hell no.

Mike Tyson?..

Fucking HELL NO!!!

Tyson is broke. He is also liable to snap and hit you without warning.

Hey, ‘X amount’ could have been 20 pence!

But you get the idea, I picked a guy known for fighting and being able to hit people (back in the day at least :smiley: )

Feel free to replace him with whoever you feel can take a nice punch and give one too.

Given that there is no way I could KO Tyson with my bare hands, and further given that I’m rather attached to my dentition in the most personal and painful sense, I would have to turn down his offer.

I expected more people to take this offer up, I mean say in the UFC you see how easily a well placed punch on the jaw (the button) knocks people out, and given that you can hit Tyson 3 times without gloves, I would have thought it would have been more inviting.

No. I’ve never met the man and he’s never done anything to me personally. My heart wouldn’t be in it.

There’s also the fact that if I didn’t knock him out, which is very very likely, he would probably kill me with one punch. Given three chances, I don’t think I’d even be able to do that whole driving his nose into his brain thing. It’s not like I’ve practiced the move and something tells me it’s not as easy as it seems in the movies.

The potential gain isn’t worth the potential loss. Plus it seems mean and rather pointless.

No, no, it’s mundane and pointless. :smiley:

Probably not. I would consider it, as long as I had guarantees that A) I wouldn’t be held criminally liable, and B) I’d still get paid if it were a fatal punch.

One well-placed shot with heel of your palm on an upward path to the nose will put anybody…anybody…on their ass. Whether or not they ever get up again depends on if bone fragments make their way into the person’s brain or not.

However, the aftermath would probably be ugly. If you wind up killing them, then you have to walk around with that on your conscience. And even if not, people will probably walk around wanting a piece of whoever knocked out Tyson (or whoever)

On preview, Ashes, it not as easy as the movies show, but it’s not all that difficult either. If your opponent has his eyes closed and hands behind his back, just about anyone could pull it off.

Hal they are pretty much the circumstances, that’s why I picked somebody people realise can take a decent punch/will hit hard if you fail. I didn’t think about the nose into brain technique and was personally considering the straight left to the jaw.

The situation is very different. It’s much easier to knock someone out when they don’t see it coming, like in a boxing or MMA match, then when they are expecting it (like in your example). I would suspect any trained fighter would be able to roll with the punches, and remain conscious. Also, most normal people don’t like fighting, aren’t strong enough to knock out a trained boxer, and don’t wish to be hit by an angry one.

I’m pretty sure I’ve already done this.
Nintendo, right?

But would ya? :smiley:

I’ve done martial arts for many years, and am compitent at punching bare fisted. I wouldn’t take that offer, KO ing someone especially if as fit and experienced at taking punches to the face, using a punch to the face is just not reliably achievable. Lots of damage is possible broken jaw/nose/ lost teeth, but a KO or knock down just aint that likely. The damage though would be nasty to both of us.
Techniques other than a simple punch may well make a KO more likely but even then I doubt having much chance of KO ing someone like Mike T.

Ah yes, but one thing we know about Tyson is that he cheats!

:confused: People still believe this “bone fragments to the brain” meme?

A straight left? From an orthodox position? Unless your last name is “Liston,” good luck trying to knock Mike Tyson out with a jab! :smiley:

Hell, I’d give it a go. Then I’d wait until he was gonna take his shot (because as big as I am, I doubt I’d KO the maniac) I’d step away.
It wasn’t a block, it was an evasion…i loves me some loopholes

I’d rather offer him 3 punches at my brother in law. In fact, no reason to stop at 3. And I’d even empty out my piggy bank for him and make a nice dinner.

Errm, dinner and piggy bank for Tyson, that is.