Punching...umm Mike Tyson in the face

Face, no. But 3 unblocked, undodged shots above the waist? I’m pretty sure I could drop anybody in those circumstances with one shot to the throat. Way better than the nose or jaw.


pravnik , ya got me, I’m a southpaw.

But parthenokinesis that it what I’m hoping for, more people with your attitude! If you want three shots at his throat they are yours but contemplate what is going to happen if you don’t connect with them. :smiley:

If you had asked me at his prime, I’d have said, nah I was pretty cocky the too, so yeah I’d go for it. I can throw a combo right? I wouldn’t do it if there had to be say a pause between each punch to check his status. Also the minimum amount of money would have to be in the neighborhood of $500,000.

Hell no. First, getting punched in the face by a sufficiently experienced fighter, especially if they have time to prepare for it (ie it’s not in the middle of a fight), is quite likely to be a terminal experience for me. Second, depending on the precise letter of the deal, it might not be easy to punch someone with such accuracy as to have a good chance of knocking them over or out. If they are able to turn their head slightly to avoid a strike hitting them at a critical point, for example, that could be problematic. It might be likely that I’d get away with accepting the offer, but I’d have to be certain of it, and I’m not.

~ Isaac