How much is a Hershey bar?

Specifically an Almond Joy. I bought one earlier and paid the grand sum of Euro1.50 (about $1.70).

Around here, they go for about $.75.

Damn. And it wasnt even that nice. :frowning:

Anywhere from three for a dollar to $.75 at the grocery, $1.00 from a vending machine. If you buy a gift box you can get 36 bars for $19.95.This is what I think of when someone refers to a Hershey bar.

'Bout a hundred dollars.

I’m an excellent driver.

They come in different sizes, at different prices.

In the vending machine at my job, I get a SUPER-TINY one for $.55. Had one today, actually.

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for a chance at a little “compensation”.

I find them occasionally at the dollar store, two fer a buck (plus tax).

Vending machines, the Bronx, normal sized, 65-70 cents.

Honor Box at work - $.75
Wallgreens sale bin - 3/1.00 Fred Meyers - .55

This is for Mounds bars, though. Almond Joy bars are gross. And yes, I do consider that a factual answer, thankyouverymuch.

I thought Euros were meant to match the US dollar closer than that.

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At the convience store they are .75, however, at the hardware store across the street they are .50.

Snack bar: 50 cents.
Vending machine: 65 cents.
Convenience store: 75 cents (I think)

You people are paying too much! :smiley:

I can get 'em at the grocery store for 35/45 cents, depending on the kind.

Convenience stores run sixty to seventy-five cents. (King size will set you back a buck.)

Don’t feel bad, Bryan. We pay exorbitantly for “exotic” European chocolate.

Dollar store - three for a dollar.

Grocery store - 45 cents.

Convenience store - about 65 cents, give or take a dime.

An Almond Joy costs about 60 cents at the grocer’s here.

But a Nestle Aero Bar, imported from the UK, costs US$1.00 at the same shop.

Mmmmm…Hershey Bar…

Anywhere from $0.33 to $0.55 at the grocery store. I don’t like Almond Joy, though – I prefer the plain Hershey chocolate bar. And I live about 15 miles from Hershey, so I get my chocolate cheap. :stuck_out_tongue: