How Much LSD Does It Take To Create A Kid's TV Show?

Quite a lot, apparently. I started jotting down the number of ways this is disturbing, but ran out of notepads.

Unfortunately, after watching only two episodes, my daughter finds this to be one of the most giggle-her-head-off-and-dance-around-the-living-room entertaining shows ever.
But hey, the Aquabats made an appearance, so I’ll give them full credit for that.

Kids love some wacky shit - the more absurd, the better, it seems. I don’t doubt that certain substances could help an adult to reconnect with the part of their brain that recognizes absurdity.

So my answer is “some, sometimes.” :slight_smile:


Hal, Surely you’re old enough to remember Sid and Marty Krofts’ shows? That was some seriously psychodelic tripping, maaaaaan.

Oh, but of course…and yeah, they were definitely high up on the trip-o-meter. But man, watching this…I just can’t help but think that once the stomach acids start kicking in, those carrots and green beans are going to wish they did beg to go to the party.

It’s like my mom always said – “It’s not really much of a party if you wind up being shit out behind a tree by a big green monster in the morning”.

I have an image of the little foodies laughing and smiling all the way down the throat until they hit the stomache, whereupon they all start shrieking in mindless agony as they are slowly dissolved by acid. And the green monster never stops dancing.

I immediately thought the youtube link would go to an Outerscope from Vegetable Soup.

I’ve never personally experienced, errr, I mean I’ve never heard of people telling me about acid trips where foodstuffs talk to you. But apparently, there’s a long history of it.

Notice the party really gets rolling when he drinks the Purple Haze… :smiley:

Check out Boohbah sometime. There must be a production facility that’s sort of like a halfway house for the Syd Barrett’s and Brian Wilson’s of the world that cranks out this stuff.

I agree. The party doesn’t start until he starts chugging that purple drank. Ima grip’n’sip.

He should have asked the carrots if they were on the list.

“Can’t help you, bro. You’re not on the list.”

Did your Mom really say that? What an odd house you grew up in…

I knew exactly what show this thread was about, just by the title.

My daughter loves this show. My mind was completely blown when I saw Elijah Wood and Mark Mothersbaugh on the same show and I hear that The Shins will be involved in an upcoming episode. Squee!

My husband was looking forward to it so much that he was upset when I forgot to DVR the first episode (“I was looking forward to it all day!”). Luckily, we caught the reruns.

Aaaaaaagggghhhhh! Why did you remind me of that?!?!

I just noticed that Gabba Gabba Hey (or whatever it’s called) is on TV at the moment. They’re singing a song about dreaming. The robot is dreaming about riding on a train pulling a toaster that a pop-tart just came out of. The human guy in the weird orange hat is dreaming of himself dreaming of himself dreaming of himself. The flying sandman wizard has a disarmingly powerful voice.

I think they just zoomed in on one of his dreams, which means the rest of the show is actually part of Human Guy #1’s dream.

The orange cyclops (who’s wearing what the Attack of the Eye Creatures costumes should have been) is apparently suffering from depression: He can’t sleep now, and earlier was singing a song about “thinking happy thoughts” along with the stones in the background. The song itself wasn’t very upbeat, though. Kind of sad in a pathetic way of someone trying to cheer themselves up. The faces on the rocks are done with CG so they don’t quite match with the set; it gives the stones a slight resemblance to Meatwad.

A little girl just rode by on a fish; earlier another one was riding on the shoulder of a toy robot.

I only drank tea this morning, really.

Who can forget the Banana Splits and HR PuffnStuff ???

Hahaha! I read the title, and thought, “Oooh, I have to post about Yo Gabba Gabba!” And of course “There’s a Party in My Tummy” started running through my head too.

Don’t ask me why, but my kid loves it. (Though she still won’t eat vegetables.)

The Aquabats are highly involved in that show. The lead singer guy is a co-creator of it.

I knew this was gonna be about “Yo Gabba Gabba”!

I was blissfully unaware of this until now. I watched it with my 2 year old. She said, “Ohhh…more…” and as I type this, keeps repeating, “Again! Again, Mom!”

Curse you Hal Briston! :smiley:

Those are nothing. Check this out:

Warning: there’s a bit of cursing in reaction to it at the end.

I can’t access it right now, but please look up on YouTube the great Mr Show skit-

The Altered State of Drugachusettes.

David Cross NAILS Charles Nelson Reilly.

(Not that Charles would mind- hmm-hmm-HMMM!)