Boohbas: BURN THEM ALL!!!

Okay, there are a lot of freaky kids shows out there, especially on PBS, but this one is just too weird for me. I see the little toys in the mall, it looks like a coush ball mated with an alien baby. I mean, wtf were the people who made these thinking??? They have those freaking lumps on their heads, and their eyes just stare at you, and they make those incredibly disturbing sounds! Everytime I see one I want to hit it with a shovel or douse it in kerosene and set it on fire.

Have you ever seen the show? It’s all psychadelic, swirling colors and the little boohba things flying around making fart noises. They dance, too. The first time I saw it I told my husband that I wished it had been around in my college mushroom days.

My 16-month-old, however, loves this show. It comes in a close second after Pengu, which cracks him up.

I like to walk past the Boobah endcap displays in the store and switch 'em all on. They all start beeping and farting - it sounds like R2D2 on acid-laced dietary fiber.

They are pretty creepy-looking, though. Boobahs need their necks circumcised.

Just wait till you see the website.

My friends touch them and turn them on everytime we go into Wal-Mart. That makes me punch things.

I feel sorry for the poor Storypeople. They’re busting their butts day in, day out; fooling around with whatever item has been given to them, and they’re always outshadows by those damn Boobahs. The Boobahs and the Storypeople obviously are good friends- the Boobahs are always giving them presents- but do they get a word in the press? Nope. It’s always “Oh, look at the silly Boobahs.” “It’s like an acid trip for kids.” Poor Storypeople. The only way they’ll get their day in the sun is if they murder those puffy fellas. “Boobah! It’s a knife.”

And don’t get me started on “Look What We Can Do.” You can create trippy graphics like a rainbow-streaked ball flying across the city, but you can’t properly loop an animation of a kid twirling?

I can’t decide which is more Satanic: a Boohba, or the Telly Tubby’s Baby-Face-in-the-Sun.

Oh wow, man. The colours…

PBS has a Boobah site too. I think it’s actually a little better than the other one. You can play with an “equalizer” and turn up channels of the song the Boobahs dance too. (Top right option.)

I’ve not watched it all that much, but from what I understand, it seems to be about how the children use the Boohbahs to control the adults… something like that anyway.

I found this trainwreck accidentally while watching PBS kids one Saturday morning with my 4 year old. He likes it, but only because he knows it disturbs me.

He thinks they should have a green “alien” named Jojoba! :smiley:

I don’t know what they are, but I like the website.

I only came in here because I thought the thread was imploring some secret society to “Burn The Mall”.

I think those horrible things were actually created by the same guys who created Teletubbies.

Whoever said you’ll never go wrong appealing to the lowest common denominator clearly knew what he was talking about.

So I’m the only one who think those toys look slightly phallic? Like the head of an uncircumsized member poking out ever so slightly from its foreskin.

No one else?



Oh my goodness! My sister’s dog loves the first website. If I just move the ball around to play a tune, the dog will slowly tilt her head more and more as she stares at me. Hilarious! Then, when I get the dog to bark, my sister’s dog is off like an arrow barking her head off. Comedy gold, I tells ya!

No, you’re not the only one.

Once I was channel surfing and I wound up watching a couple minutes. It was hypnotising… it scared me to death but I couldn’t stop watching.

Now I can’t stop playing with the website. It’s a conspiracy I tells ya!