Boohbah scares me.

A while ago one of my friends was telling me that her 3 year old niece likes watching a children’s show called “Boohbah”. She said it’s very strange and I should check it out if I ever saw it on TV.

Well, on Saturday morning, I did. Good God, the horror. The premise of the show seems to be similar to the Teletubbies; lots of colour, shapes, and movement, and simple language. I’m not sure but I think the show’s from the Netherlands; it’s definitely European, anyway.

There are 5 or 6 of these “Boohbah” things; colourful, fluffy, fat blobs with heads that are partially sunk into their necks, like a turtle. You never see more than their eyes. I would have been terrified of them as a kid. They sing and dance and make farting/deflating noises. These things freak me the hell out. After they did a bunch of disturbing dances they showed a segment in a field with a crazy old lady who was trying to put giant foam flowers into a huge pot. She had this look in her eyes that said, “Kill your parents!” You just know it. That was all I could take. I had to change the channel. All the hallucinations and horror, and I didn’t even take any drugs. I bet I’m going to have Boohbah nightmares now. Help meeeeee! :eek:

Here’s help!

Their website is wonderful.

Thank you for introducing me to these outstanding creatures.

I go now to conquer the world.

Oh, no. Not a site.

Please not a site.

going to site

Great, now my computer is tainted by Boohbah, too.

Don’t be so quick to thank me, Zoe! Just wait till tonight, when they smother you in your sleep with one of their fat, colourful butts. Just you wait . They’re evil, I say! Eeeeeevil!

The boohbahs are the evil offspring of the woman who originally gave us the teletubbies.


The Boohbahs are imported from the BBC. The same company that made The Teletubbies, Ragdoll LTD. made the Boohbahs. Here’s PBS’ site about the show. Here is their page for parents and teachers. Didn’t you see the noisy Boohbah toys in the children’s section at Christmas this year? You must have heard them going off.

Boohbah, Boohbah, Boohbah, Boo,
Boohbah, Boohbah, Boohbah, Boo…
It’s an acid trip, man!!

Or an uncircumcised penis.

Yup. That’s what they make me think of. Pastel-colored uncircumcised penises.

Man, those things are scary! I’m glad my little one doesn’t like them. Bad enough that she likes the Teletubbies and Maisy.

My MIL bought a boohbah for my two year old last year. It farts. (The boohbah, not the two year old. Well, the two year farts, too, much to his fascination).

So yeah, boohbahs are evil. It’s going in the next yard sale.

When I first saw it I was like “what is this? a way to introduce your toddler to the psychedelic experience?”

Maybe it’s designed to be a dancy eye and ear candy break from all the educational and lessons of life stuff PBS shows. I mean how much of whiny little Caillou can one person stand?

Once in a while they come up with cool music.

I have twin daughters. One is pretty neutral, the other is at the same time fascinated and repulsed especially when they do their dancing.

All I can say is Thank Og that I don’t have sound on my computer here at work. The visuals were disturbing enough; I can only imagine what the audio is like.
So is the purple phallic Boobah gay?

The real question should be: is Barney circumsized?

The web site consists of a number of skill tests that involve color recognition and eye/hand coordination as well as an introduction to music.

Not really sure how to comment on the creatures other than to say I don’t like the cut of their jib.

Well, gotta do something, since the H.R. Pufnstuff reruns are on too late to scar them appropriately…:smiley:

skips off, singing off-key

“Over hill and highway the banana buggies go,
Comin’ to bring you the Banana Split show…”

“Picture yourself on a boat on a river…”

Those things creep me out like none other. I’ve never seen the show (I didn’t even know there WAS a show!) but I see the little dolls at Wal-Mart all the time. It’s kind of disturbing when they fart and yell BOOH-BAH and jiggle up and down and whatnot. It is kind of funny to get 7 or 8 of them going at once, though.

Moving this from IMHO to Cafe Society.

Thank God it’s not just me.
I was dead-set against introducing my daughter to the Teletubbies, but my ILs took that liberty for me, and there’s been no turning back. Fine, Teletubbies make her very happy. I can live with it.
But Boobah ? No effin’ way, says I. The one time I saw it, that maniacal old lady and her creepy male counterpart were doing all sorts of Wacky Hijinks ™ with a giant hot dog.
Enough with the phallic imagery.
Boobah , be gone!