How much money to pay to have my computer wiped clean and fix related issues?

I will be purchasing a sager np2740 laptop soon as its an i7 quad core and my current laptop asus u45jc-a1 is pretty old and have an i3 370m processor. I have reinstalled it many times throughout the years but issue is i don’t know how to do it correctly b/c its still bit slow and i still saw the window.dl folder thad had my old files. Basically i reinstall windows with the windows reinstallation cd and the asus cd everytime. I used the asus notebook thread where they tell you what u need to and dont need to install for the drivers. Of course my laptop has been quite slow.
My issues include connecting the laptop to an external monitor and monitor would randomly say no signal. These was done with many monitors so i know its 100 percent not monitor issue and its my laptop. Someone said its most likely a graphics card issue and hardware. I went to download the updated drivers for it but everytime i do, when it restarts computer never ever loads and has black screen.
When i bought laptop, it was i3-370m 4gb ram and 7200 rpm 500gb harddrive. I had a friend a while back put a samsung 250gb ssd to replace the regular hard drive. It did seem to make computer faster a bit. I then later on got added more ram for total of 8gb. However, computer is still very sluggish. I’m pretty sure it has virus/malware etc but i use microsoft essentials to check it every so often.
Even though i won’t be using this laptop much anymore as i will use the sager one, i would want this laptop to be fresh and like brand new. I know i cannot fix this issue myself b/c i dont know how to even first wipe my computer clean during reinstallation. I tried doing this many times but some reason it didn’t work. I also know the laptop probably has to be opened as there might be dust or something wrong in the inside of the laptop which i know i cannot do myself. Also, im not even sure if i format my laptop correctly, if the graphics issue still is there. Such as could be graphics card be broken? Its the NVidea graphics card i know as thats the name of it. So if thats broken, one would have to buy another one and replace it right? Wouldn’t that be extremely hard for someone that is already horrible with computers and thus someone with cpu knowledge would do this as no way i can?
I’m just thinking about having someone fix all these issues. Does anyone have any suggestions on where i should go and how much i should pay for it? I assume some computer store that isn’t best buy or those big name ones is probably the best option?
Also i have these beeping issue with it as well. Keeps beeping and beeps pretty loud. This happened a while back and beeping stopped… then it came back yet again.
Also is it true that if its wiped out fully, computer would be brand new and would be really fast? I reinstalled windows at least 7 times on this laptop and each time i done it, laptop still slow b/c i didn’t know how to delete everything. Also, because this is a ssd, wouldn’t they need to wipe ssd first as well? I assume it doesn’t cause damage to ssd as anyone that reinstalls windows have to wipe it? I will say that a while back, i kept defragging computer and when i got ssd, i did the same until i found out you not suppose to do it to an ssd. So could my ssd be damaged already or would that not be possible to find out?
I basically want this laptop to have everything wiped out and none of those graphic problems where connecting to monitor would make it to go sleep randomly, no bleeping problems and want it to be fast. Because i will make sure i don’t download any bloatware etc on the laptop from here on out.

Also i would want this laptop to have no bloatware in it at all… and im sure everytime i reinstall windows on this asus laptop with asus cd and driver/utiltiy cd, i put bloatware there.
I spoke to someone online but apparently they saw they only do it over the phone. So im not going to bother with that as im not going to do it myself. They also told me if you have hardware issues, they can’t assist with that.
If you really want to wipe the drive.

If all you want is a reformat and reinstall kind of deal, your best bet is to get hold of a Windows install DVD from Microsoft, not from the computer manufacturer.

Old versions of Windows used to be quite finicky about product keys. For example, a Dell OEM key wouldn’t work with a standard Windows install disk, IIRC.

I don’t think Windows 7 and 8 are quite that particular, however.