How NICE!!! I got an email from Biggirl! (I thought, that is....)

So, today I opened my email and saw that I had a note from BiggirlHappy@somethingorother. I thought to myself…“How nice, Biggirl sent me an email, I wonder what’s up?” This despite the fact that I have actually received emails from said Biggirl and I KNOW that her email address has no Biggirl in sight. I guess I just thought she had changed it. Well, give me a break, it was pretty early in the AM and I hadn’t had any coffee.

So I opened it, only to find that this Biggirl apparently thinks I need bigger breasts. Which seemed odd, since I have never actually met OUR Biggirl in person… [sub]much to my regret[/sub] so even if true, how could she KNOW that?

This was, of course spam. And I should probably have put this thread in the pit, since I am appalled that some low-life is impersonating OUR Biggirl on the net. Not only is this person impersonating OUR Biggirl, but said person is trying to sell herbal breast enhancement cream or something to the under-breasted women of the world. Appalled? Perhaps I should have said enraged, incensed and righteously indignant. Biggirl, thy honor has been impugned. Actually, the honor of the entire SDMB has been impugned.

I think you should sue, honey. And so should the rest of the SDMB. What do you say to a nice class action suit? :smiley:

Don’t go too overboard, darlin’. Biggirl wants ME to have BIGGER breasts too. And I’m here to tell you that this isn’t an enhancement that I really need.

Now what BigGuy had to say was more in the right direction anyway.


Once there was a thread in which everyone googled their real names and board handles. My real name yielded-- well, me-- and a college professor. My board name got me loads and loads of porn sites. [sub] e.g. SexxMaxx FREE Biggirl Pixxx Galleries!!! [/sub] Only if there were galleries of me, I’d end up paying the poor suckers who wondered into them.

It’s really funny, 'cause if I ever decided to have plastic surgery, boob reduction would be second on my list.

P.S. Scotty’s boobies are perfect just the way they are.


Yes, I found out through Google that there are a couple of people actually named Dave Guy.

I hyphenate it, though. Hey, it worked for Ann-Margaret.

I always get “bigger penis” and “smaller breasts”. My penis is fine thanks and I don’t see how much smaller my breasts can get :wink:

I got an e-mail once from an Amy Wilson; she was sure I needed bigger boobs. Thing is, I have a good friend named Amy Wilson! The fact that it was spam was pretty obvious, but I did enjoy writing to Real Amy and asking her what her problem was with my boobs. She insists they’re just fine :wink:

Um…I hope you aren’t going to tell me that you AREN’T the “Dave Guy” with whom I have been…ahem…corresponding? Although I DID wonder about a few things. Such as, whenever I would ask about how your wife is, he would say…well, nevermind what he would say. It’s a good thing I found out before it was too late…er, before I got to know him any better, I mean.

If anyone misses me, it is because I am packing my bags and moving to Alaska. No, Siberia. And leaving no forwarding address. :smiley:

[sub] The preceding post is an attempt at humor and should in no way suggest anything. Even humor.[/sub]

You know, what ever happened to the “good old days” when spam was actually OBVIOUS? I mean, you never had to open an email from to find out whether someone you knew had changed their email address and forgot to tell you.

Today I got one from…and I actually KNOW a Chloe Renee Lastname, so I thought it was her. No, this Chloe wants to know if my wife is out for the evening, just in case I am lonely.

And while I am on the subject, are any of the rest of you getting spam where someone uses part of YOUR email address in the email address the spam is coming from? This has been happening to me recently, too. This morning I got something from sscotticher@somethingorother. I don’t know what it was, 'cuz I deleted it. But you know what? THAT’S ANNOYING!!! [sub]Besides, EVERYONE knows that Scotticher is spelled with one S…capitalized. :D[/sub]

Yes, I get spam from and etc. It’s annoying.

Maybe it’s the guys in the Flapcats band who’re pissed off I’d been using their band-name for years before they formed (grrr: has gone). Ho hum.

Okay, this weekend is starting to feel surreal. I just got an email from…and we HAVE a bobkitty, DON’T we? Sheesh…do you suppose they are STALKING me? with lashing tail, no doubt?

I can just see it…“Hey, Sam…this Scotti person looks like an easy mark. Let’s see where he/she posts, and take bits and parts of his/her friend’s usernames and insert them into the email address…she/he is obviously stupid enough to open them, just because she/he thinks it is someone she/he knows. THEN we’ve GOT HERHIM! We’ll get it to buy this breast enlargement/penis enlargement stuff…”

Heh…little do they know that not only do I not HAVE a penis, let alone one that needs to be enlarged, but I’d be right in line behind Biggirl if they were passing out breast reduction surgery for free and if it wasn’t invasive…

Heh…well, the good thing is, this spam thing is starting to be fun instead of annoying. Well, SOME of it, anyway.

A friend of mine got a spam e-mail from

My name is Jeff, and I work at Cala Foods.

My friend was wondering why I tried to sell her penis enlargment equipment.