Confusing spam

I just got a spam to my Hotmail account titled “++>Attract Men with Bigger Breasts!” Now I’m having trouble imagining why on earth they think I want men with bigger breasts. Now, this is nothing personal against those men who may happen to have breasts, but I generally prefer to be the one with the breasts in the relationship. Is it just me?

That’s funny! Maybe I should start reading the incoming spam titles.

Maybe they should sent it to Montfort,
he seemed pleased with his yesterday at the Hallowen party.:wink:

Well I keep getting one that says Vagina! Vagina! Vagina!. I have 3 of them? :confused:

Is it illustrated?

Actually, I think that one is like Beetlejuice; they’re trying to summon it.

Ahem Good thing I’m married to someone else. She’ll at least appreciate me for who and what I am.

[sub]And what I have.[/sub]

Ooo, sorry, Montfort. But hey, my breasts are still bigger than yours.

It may be a simple case of all your breast are belong to us.

I’m regularly bemused by the amount of spam I get about web-based marketing expertise, and how to sell effectively, which is atrociously written and pathetically presented (lots of capitals and scream marks). Kind of raises pointlessness to an art form.

My most puzzling spam claimed to be from a group of horny teenage lesbian sluts who wanted my cock. This puzzled me because:

  1. I do not have a cock. I have access to a cock, but I do not have one of my own.
  2. If they are lesbians, why do they want anyone’s cock?