How often are you contacted through this message board?

I have been here at The Dope for 16 years (missed a '99 registration date by thatmuch!) and I have had a total of 14 private messages sent to me. I have seen people who have their Skype account linked to their SDMB profile. And plenty of posters, mostly in The Pit, who claim tens (even hundreds) of supportive private contacts. This has got me thinking how pathetic my presence on this board actually is.

How many private contacts have you had? Surely my paltry less-than-one-a-year has got to be a record low for a long time poster.

only a handful. mostly notifications of moderator warnings.

35 in 16 years, so about two a year. Then again, I don’t go around accumulating mod warnings, so…

So far I’m winning the Paltry Stakes!

14 in 2 years and a couple months. You guys are making me feel weirdly social.

You know, I’m thinking about this and remembering mod contact that is not showing up in my private messages. No warnings but I’m remembering a specific scuffle with an admin over a particular poster. This poster is no longer an active participant. But, hey, I was right and you were wrong, SDMB Administrator!

So, I guess private messages are not a foolproof gauge.

A couple times a year: I send one unsolicited about as often.

Four in 16 years.

I just checked my actual messages rather than just the number up in the Welcome Ethilrist block, and the oldest is from 2007. It’s also only listing saved messages, so if you’re the type to delete them, the number’s probably off.

How can you tell how many PMs you’ve had? I’ve deleted most of mine. I can say I’m contacted once in a blue moon and that I’m always surprised when I see that I have a notification.

ETA: I read Ethilrist’s note about seeing only saved messages, so I guess there’s my answer right there.

What I did was, I looked at all my messages (57 of them, I don’t have enough to bother deleting them) and removed all the “re:” ones and ended up with 14.

This number does not include any actual emails I’ve received to the box listed in my profile. This would boost my numbers quite a bit. However, if I stick to only “original contact”-- in effect removing the “re:” emails, I think this would boost me up to about one, perhaps 1.5 contacts per year.
And here I thought I was making a difference. sob

I seem to recall that private messaging was turned off or otherwise unavailable until about 2005. I have 24 messages in my inbox in the last 11 years. Only 5 are personal or related to posts I made as a private poster. The other 19 are somehow or other related to my former positions as a moderator or member of the SDSAB.

24 messages in about 12 years, so about 2 per year. (However, the last one was more than 2 years ago.)

Another 16-year vet. Don’t have a total, because I delete them after a while, but I average about three messages a year. Last one was April 2015.

1 PM (other than possible broadcast PMs) since I joined. I’m a charter member so that ties me (at least) for the largest finite reciprocal frequency I guess.

If this is true, then I’ve got 14- 20 contacts in 11 years. Closing in on 2 contacts per year! I’m practically a Rock God!

I send about 40 pms a year, and receive about the same number. I’ve made some really good pen-pals that way!

Thirty eight. Most dental related. In dental threads I usually offer the OP or others the option for more private answers.

The secret has been revealed. I offer nothing but snark and sarcasm.

Never. Not once.