How often do you Shampoo your hair?

and is it bad to shampoo every day?

Probably, but it depends on your hair. A good brushing w/ a natural-bristle brush is better for your hair and scalp.

But no more than every other day for me. I loathe the stringy, dirty, oily hair look, but mostly I hate the way it feels. (I also hate the feel of mousses, gels and sprays.::shudders::slight_smile:

Good hair is clean hair, and moves along with the rest of a person. Buzz cuts are as grotesque as oily, rancid locks.


I wash mine about every other day, unless I’ve gone to the gym and have had an exceptionally sweaty workout. I’ve got nearly waist-length hair, and it’s a hassle to wash, but I’m with TVeblen–I hate the feeling of greasy, oily hair.

It really does depend on your hair/skin type, though, where the line of too much washing needs to be drawn. I do believe that daily hair washing, unless really necessary (mechanics, sweaty workouts, coal miners) isn’t really that necessary… just the shampoo people trying to make up more sales, trying to get you to use up your supply in half the time.

I’ve talked to a few hairdressers, and all of them agree with the every-other-day routine.

I haven’t stopped yet. The instructions say “lather, rinse, REPEAT”,so I’m stuck in an infinite loop.

Another waist length hair person who washes
every other day. I set my calendar by it.

Most of the time every day in the summer, because of getting hot and sweaty. In the winter maybe every day, at the least every other day.

Every other day, unless it’s a hot and sweaty day, or I feel rather gross for some special reason (god forbid it be a work out).

Sometimes every day. Depends on the oil content & work, where one can get pretty dirty. what about you chief? You didn’t answer your own question.

I wash mine every other day. If I do every day my hair starts to resemble a big red 'fro, ala Yahoo Serious. Does anyone remember him?
OTOH, when my hair is very short I have to wash it every day in order to get it to lie down.

For my very thick, very straight hair, every day washing is a must to avoid that greasy look (blecchh!). Also, after spending my day surrounded by patients who are sneezing, coughing, bleeding, snotting, and generally spewing contagion into the air, frequent hairwashing seems like a wise idea.

Every day. I have to, if I skip one day, my hair looks like a greasetrap. Don’t ask me to explain it.

I wash mine every day too. I have thick, shoulder-length hair and if I don’t wash it, it gets oily. But if I do, it gets frizzy and I have to tame it with gloss and mousse. But hey, it looks good. :wink:

My hair will look greasy if i don’t wash it daily, but having hair so long I need to not wash it daily. I skip days at least twice a week. I then pull my hair back and wear it in a netted bun. I lightly hairspray it and then it looks just like i gelled ti smooth. It seems to help the ends not to dry out so bad.

A wise old hairdresser once told me that if I insisted on washing my hair every day, to buy the biggest container of a generic Ph balanced shampoo that I could find.

Shampoos that get your hair really clean are especially good at removing natural oil from your hair. Consequently, the little gremlins that provide the oil work extra hard to replenish the supply. (They need to earn their keep, ya know?)

So if you’re going to wash it every day, use something gentle.

I wash mine every other day, and sometimes not at all on weekends if I’m staying home. My hair is short though, and I don’t sweat if I can help it.

I get my hair cut about once every six months, being a cheap sonofabitch, so it varies from unattractively short to unattractively long.

I always shampoo every morning. A nice light, herbal shampoo, usually chamomile. I’d feel really gross if I didn’t.

I wash mine every day. It looks a bit greasy if I don’t. Even when I had long hair I washed it every day.

Every day and I do the suds-rinse-repeat that people complain about.
You can feel the hair get less slick after the second sudsing.
If your hair’s clean and hairdo simple, you don’t need a lot of conditioners or treatments. Split ends? Get a family member to cut them in 10 seconds.

I know you didn’t ask me to explain it either, but I can give you a partial explanation. Your hair gets that greasy, in part, because you wash it every day. If you switch to every other, every third, whatever, your hair should eventually adjust. Of course, everyone is different.

I wash mine every time I shower, usually every day. But if I don’t shower for a few days, and then I wash my hair, it comes out looking and feeling absolutely wonderful.

Every outher day and I hate it,
because it’s long and it takes to long time to dry.