How often does opposite sex's look linger on you?

You are walking in the mall, on the street, or in a store, and you look at a person of the opposite sex approaching you. Sometimes, their look/stare lingers on you for a bit, and sometimes they look away immediately. Which one happens more frequently for you?

Generally if I look first they look away right when they look.

If they are looking and I catch them they are more likely to keep looking a little longer.

Ill pay more attention tomorrow :P.

Women rarely linger their looks on my likeness. Then again, I don’t pay too much attention so maybe I’m just missing it. That’s what I’ll tell myself anyway. :smiley:

I usually live in my own little world, so I probably wouldn’t notice either way.

Long enough for the simpler neurons in the brain stem to discern if I am an animate or inanimate object.

What happens most often is they don’t even appear to see me. However, since I lost weight, it’s been happening with increasing frequency: about three or four times a day. That’s neither often nor rare though is it? I usually make eye contact back.

I never notice when others are looking at me. Judging by how often I get bumped into, I often wonder if people can even see me, much less let their gaze linger on me. At least when I’m in the store or the mall.

When I’m walking down the street is a different story. It isn’t unheard of for mothers to grab their children and run inside when I’m walking by their house. Pisses me off it does.

I’m female and in my late 40’s. I officially became invisible to the rest of the world about five years ago.

You don’t really know that, though. It might just be that men get less awkward with age.

I have no idea what you are talking about, lingering looks? of longing, lust, or lasciviousness? :wink:

I once noticed a elderly handsome gent checking me out, caught me by surprise he did, made me smile as I never get that look anymore ( at least that i notice)

Since I’m primarily attracted to men, I don’t notice if women’s eyes are lingering on me or not. One time about two years ago I was out with my boyfriend at the time and we were being mildly affectionate. Some girl kept staring at us. Was it with lust? Jealousy? Disapproval? No clue. It made me really uncomfortable, though.

It varies. If I make eye contact with a man, he’ll often get a sheepish look and immediately avert his gaze, but sometimes they’ll just continue staring. If I don’t bother with eye contact, the man usually doesn’t avert his gaze very quickly.

Guys check me out a lot. I can’t explain how but it’s easy to tell if someone is noticing me (as more than something not to bump into). Women give me the once-over plenty, as well.

I’m not worried about it, I’ve even been known to use it to my advantage occasionally.

Usually just long enough for them to decide between fight or flight (although once in a while some of them will try to eat me, and on one occasion in the late 90’s, a confused mating attempt was observed).

I am pretty much invisible to women.

Other: The sound of laughter often lingers in my ears.

I only pay attention to the lingering looks of one man, and I catch him staring all the time. He makes me self conscious and giddy all at once. I don’t give a rat’s tail who else looks.

'Course women’s eyes linger on me. I’m the train-wreck they can’t help but watch. :wink:

I’m middle-aged, plain and fat. Nobody gives me a second look.