How often do you get "checked out"?

That is, how often do you catch someone staring at you in such a way as to suggest they find you attractive?

What happens when they get caught; do they quickly avert their eyes, or do they give you a “how YOU doin’?” wink and nod, or something in between?

Does the attention you get surprise you, or do you feel that it’s mostly warranted?

Also, are most of these people of a different gender than you, or do you get some stares from gay folks?

And finally, how does the attention make you feel? Flattered? Annoyed? Disgusted?
As for me, I don’t get checked out too often; maybe once in a while I’ll look around the room and catch someone staring. Most of the time they’ll quickly look away, but in one incidence the person in question stared at me for a good thirty seconds as I walked out of the library. I was walking past the computer area, and saw him staring, and made quick eye contact, then turned to walk out the door. I turned once more to see if he was still looking, and sure enough, he had actually turned around in his chair to watch me leave.

It’s nearly always flattering to catch someone looking at you, and kind of surprising as well. Never had any girls giving me the once-over, but there’s still time. :wink:

How about you?

It happened once in 1979. (Jeez, it sounds like I’m talking about a voyage to the bottom of the sea!) But anyway, I got a date out of it, with a girl who liked my hard hat. Literally.

I’m 99% oblivious to people checking me out, so have no idea. It takes someone else to point out that I just got checked out, I never notice.

At age 61, it still happens from time to time. And usually from a younger woman. By “younger” I mean 40s-50s. Of course, they could just be staring in disbelief. Also, I’m told I’m a dead ringer for a local stage actor, so that could be part of it.

I’m pretty oblivious to women checking me out, but guys, at least, don’t check me out all that often. I wasn’t sure I even knew how to tell until I went to a Circle K in Tucson once and thought, “that ugly old dude is checking me out”, then saw my description in Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” section that night.

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I often catch men staring blatantly at my breasts in public. Does that count?

Never. Which was understandable when I weighed 140 pounds more than I do now. Now it’s just depressing :frowning:

I only notice when the grody homeless guys at work do it. If other people do I’m completely oblivious and always have been. It’s some kind of handicap and I should get some sort of accommodation. :slight_smile:

Not very often…but when I do it’s sometimes dramatic.

A few years ago I was walking out of the grocery store. I was aware that someone was behind me. I got in my car, she walked past and into her car, which was parked parallel a couple of spots over. There were no other cars to block the view.

I looked over and she was blatantly staring at me. Licking her lips. Very obvious. Even as I drove out. :eek:

She looked normal enough but I figured she’d give me 17 kinds of the clap or roll me for my wallet, something. That just isn’t normal supermarket behavior.

Snort I’m pushing 40, and I haven’t been checked out since the army. In other words, not in a very long time.

Meh, my wife lies pretty well about my hotness factor, and that’s good enough for me nowadays! :slight_smile:

It happens rarely, although I’m quite prepared to find that I’m not picking up on it. Though it did happen Wednesday on the subway. I’d been talking to my friend Nick and not paying much attention to my surroundings, and then my stop came up. I walked over to the nearest door to the platform exit, and I noticed this pretty-good-looking dark-haired women looking at me. But then the doors opened and it was time to get off the train.

I was in a bar with a friend a few years back, and a guy came up to me and told me I was the best looking woman in the joint.

I decided that day that I need to start going to better bars!

No, it just means his eyes are open.

Maybe it happens, maybe it doesn’t, but I’ve never noticed anyone checking me out.

The missus does it. Nobody else, but that’s enough. :smiley:

It depends on my mood. Sometimes I’ll notice and be flattered. Sometimes I’ll notice and be irritated. Sometimes I’ll not notice much of anything that goes on around me.

For instance, a couple weekends ago we were out with a friend having a drink on the patio at Eleven in West Hollywood. This boy with a decent set of abs was wearing a sweatshirt that was mostly unzipped. (to show-off the aforementioned abs I presume). He walked up and leaned over me to put his cigarette out, grabbing my leg in the process and chats a few lines of bullshit while proceeding to rub my knee and thigh. I was too in shock at the gall of such behavior or I would have knocked his hand off of me and asked what the hell he thought he was doing. That was one of my irritated moments, though that was a little more than simple ‘checking out’.

If you are getting checked out all the time, how are you even supposed to respond to this thread without sounding like you are full of yourself, and having people ask for picture proof? I get checked out nonstop, to the point where it is annoying, and have caused two car wrecks in my life. I have little boobs, but I’m thin and blonde and very fashion forward, so am usually the only person in a sweet sundress and cool boots around a bunch of people in jeans and T-shirts. I don’t dress to stand out, I just like to look cute, because I enjoy it, and I’m a shopoholic. I think the main reason I get checked out all the time is because I’m very social and happy, and am always laughing and smiling. That goes a looong way. Also, I notice everything in my surroundings, I bet everyone is getting checked out all the time and they are just oblivious to it.

I’m male, fairly generically good looking I suppose. Happens occasionally to fairly often. Sometimes it happens every day for a week or two, sometimes it doesn’t happen for a long period.

Most of the time we both avert eyes but sometimes I get a smile.

Doesn’t surprise me, it’s happened all my life.

Females. If a guy is looking at me it’s hard to know whether he’s gay or wants to hit me.

I like it. Provides a little ego-boost in a boring day. They feel good, I feel good - it’s win all round.

You all are just being modest, right?

I notice guys staring a few times a week and in the right mood I’ll meet their eyes and smile. It doesn’t surprise me, not because I think I’m a knock out, but because having red hair draws people’s attention your whole life; It’s just that since becoming old enough to fill out a training bra, the lion’s share of notice has come from guys. It’s often flattering.

Though a few women have flirted with me, I’ve never noticed a strange woman checking me out. Either it doesn’t happen, or I just don’t notice because I’m not looking out for it.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m not being modest. I’m being old and ugly.