How often would you like to have sex?

Prompted by this thread:

How often would you have sex if you had a willing partner? Not to be confused with how often you are actually getting some now.


At least 3 times daily, if I could.

(Where’s the bisexual choices?)

A stripper in the Philippines back about 1966 or so sang a song with a lyric “Once a day, every day, all night long.”

Dude. The poll was up to 20 options already.

Once a day or more would be great. At 36 I still have the sex drive I did at 16.

I voted 1 to 3 times per week, although once per week would be plenty for me. We have sex a few times per week now; she’s a morning person, and I am so very not.

What are we counting as “sex.”

Once per day sounds about right, but it’d probably be more like a few marathon multi-run sessions, a couple of quickies, and a day off now and then.

I like sex and all, but I think three times a day would get to be kind of a chore. I mean, certainly some days I’d want sex three or more times, but every day? Even at sixteen I think that would get kinda old after a couple weeks, not to mention spending that much time having sex would kinda cut into other stuff I like to do.

Wishing for three times a day seems kid of like a kid that wishes he could eat candy for every meal, and then gets sick when his wish is granted.

Well you see even sven, when a daddy loves a mommy very much he puts his penis in her vagina.

Well, if I have to be realistic about it, I’d say several times a week, barring health issues.

I’ve been married awhile. Two to Three times a week is more than enough. It’s too time consuming. You got to take care of the lady’s needs first and then yourself. Turns into work pretty quick.

Realistically once a week because we’re tired after work. But when we go on vacation, :wink: we make up for lost time.

Once a week is a bit low. Once a day is asking a bit much, unless we’re on vacation with few other responsibilities. We are aging boomers, after all.

Averaging 3-4 x a week over the course of a year works pretty well for us.

Can’t quite make that work in your poll choices, however.

Does it have to be with the same person?

It depends. If it’s with someone I care about, where I have to be concerned about their needs, does this feel good, should I switch positions, etc, I like to have sex about 4 times a week. But if this were meaningless fuck-till-I-get-mine I could do it probably twice a day.

So gay people never have sex?

“Sex” covers a lot of ground. If a guy comes twice, it’s pretty clear that we had sex twice (or is it?). But what if I come a dozen a few times over several penetrative sessions in the course of a day, but he only comes in one of those? If we have anal sex and vaginal sex in the same session, is that one or two instances of sex? Does the frequency of one partner coming change affect that? What if we just spend an evening having a ton of oral sex- is that a day with sex or a day without sex? Is masturbation sex at all? Does that change if it is mutual? What if it’s really humpy and rubby masturbation that is basically like sex but doesn’t make it in for whatever reason? If I play with a toy while he kisses me, is that more or less sex than if he penetrates me with a toy while he jacks off?

I doubt I could have multiple sessions of vaginal sex every day and not end up pretty sore, but I would enjoy multiple sessions of something sexual every day.

Agreed. I ended up voting as “straight”, as I’m in a heterosexual relationship and am more frequently (at least historically) in sexual encounters with members of the opposite sex. However, that doesn’t mean that attraction and sexual encounters haven’t occurred with members of the same sex.

Ideally, two to three times a day would be awesome, but lately we’ve been lucky if once per day happens due to our mismatched schedules.

Once a day would be perfect, and that’s stayed the same way for the past 10 years with the same SO :slight_smile: Less than 2x a week would make me upset. There are only two things that get in the way:

  1. Anti-depressants (not too bad though, just that a little more initiative comes from me than before)
  2. The North Sea. Stupid sea. Grrr.

Once a week would be nice.

I’ll be in my bunk.

Oh- once a day with my wife would be nice, plus 3-4 solo sessions a week. Sometimes I just need to get off, ya know?

I agree with this exactly.

My definition of sex is anything involving someone’s genitals being stimulated by someone else. Masturbation and making out are sexual, but not sex. Dry humping can be sex. I find people who have done everything except penetrative sex calling themselves virgins to be hypocritical.

If there was a recuperative break between sexual acts then I think it counts as two times. These breaks usually come after a man has, well, come, but not always. Sometimes a break can be part of the tease. If a break for any reason lasts more than say, an hour, it counts as a separate time.