How safe is Michele Bachmann's seat?

Other than as a font of shock-speak and radical thought promoted by Fox news, most of what I know of Bachmann came from the Congresswoman with the crazy eyes thread (which hasn’t been updated since April). I believe she’s being challenged by Tarryl Clark in the 2010 elections. Is this likely a gimme for Bachmann or does she have an electoral fight on her hands?

She won by three points in '08, which is closeish, but also was in a banner year for Dems and had record turn-out. Its hard to see her doing worse then that this time around, at least if she can keep from saying anything outrageously offensive for the the next few months.

The D-Triple-C is not pushing hard on Bachmann, not nearly as hard as Harry Reid’s equally moonbat opponent, Sharron Angle is being hammered. Clark is a part of their “Red to Blue” campaign, 26 candidates that they’re giving special attention in an effort to unseat 26 “vulnerable” Republicans, but they’re not really making a lot of effort. It seems like a combination of Bachmann’s district’s vulnerability after Census enumeration and a concept of Bachmann being small potatoes, which is shortsighted.

Any statement from the DC[sup]3[/sup] about why? Is it that they feel the 3 points Simplicio referred to makes it too safe? That the risk of making the campaign too high profile will elevate her in stature? Though a junior congressperson, she is one of the defacto spokespersons for the right and a defeat could be turned into a repudiation of her batshittiness. Redistricting her out of her seat puts things off for three years at least, and gives her a victim card to play that’s wholly outside the policy sphere.

Bachmann is arguably a liability to the Republican Party. I mean, if you imagine the Democrats “planting” a Congressperson to make the Republicans look silly, it would be tough to distinguish the plant from Bachmann.

Are you calling her a potted plant?

Interesting. ISTM that her egregiousness garners more votes than she’s losing. I’m just not comfortable with the idea that Bachmann et al are merely making the Republicans look silly.

Its pretty safe. If she had a respectable GOP challenger, she might loose it, but that part of the state isn’t likely to go Democrat. Her biggest misstep is taking BP’s “side” - but I don’t think that will hurt her enough.

I’m not saying she is a plant. I’m saying that 90% of the nonsense coming out of her mouth is what I’d tell her to say if she was a plant designed to drive independents away from the Republican Party.

Pretty safe. I, at any rate, wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. :wink:

I’ve always imagined that Michelle is quite the tigress in bed, for what it’s worth.
Minnesotans, is her district the one that doesn’t get any education funds or what? I’ve always thought of Minnesotans as pretty tolerant and intelligent folks, how could you elect such a dolt?

I concur. There is no sex hotter than the crazy sex… and it is never remotely worth the aftermath. Thus count me with the Bargepole dude.

Don’t stick your Bargepole in the crazy. Words to live by.

I’d hit that.

I saw Tarryl Clark on Olberman the other night, and I wasn’t very impressed. I understand what she was doing – she had a script and some points she kept repeating, but they didn’t fit in very well with what she was being asked. So she didn’t come off as being very smart, or conversationally agile. Which makes her a pretty typical politician.

I’m sure she would do a better job than Bachman but she doesn’t strike me as someone who is going to dazzle the folk in her district and get them to switch their votes.

It’s different with celebrity crazy. They don’t even want to admit you ever existed, so you don’t have to deal with any blowback after the blow job.

If her reading on the Bargepole Meter[sup]TM[/sup] results in even slightly more votes than Batshit, that’s all we can ask.

Well, she’s definitely a vegetable.

The DCCC isn’t hammering any Senate candidates because it’s a Democratic House Committee that works to elect Democrats to the House. Reid was always going to attack his challenger hard. it’s not really a DSCC calculation to defend his seat as more valuable or winnable, he’s majority leader and he has a lot of fight in him and ability to fund raise. Otherwise I agree.

Oddly, her election campaign and the opposition are really flying under the radar. I live in the Minneapolis Suburbs, and unlike two years ago, have heard almost nothing about the campaign for that district.

Although it may be Media Burnout too, because we’re not getting buried in political ads (that I have seen) or media stories on ANY election up here right now. I’m extremely happy about that, as I get damned tired of being overwhelmed with bullshit political stuff for months and even years on end during the election cycles.

The counties she represents just skew really fucking conservative. It was a rather odd experience in 08 to walk off campus and see all the tinklenburg signs replaced by bachmann.