How sensitive are your breasts?


I truly do not want to be overly graphic. This question is for both men and women. I’ll tell you how this question sort of came up…I date women and have noticed that some of them have extremely sensitive breasts and can climax from breast play alone. Others just couldn’t be bothered with someone touching their breasts. I, personally, am a sort of middle of the road kid. A friend and I were talking about this and of the last 3 women I have dated, 2 out of 3 of them have had extremely sensitive breasts and can climax from the sensation. My friend thinks that is very unusual and I’m inclined to think she’s right. I am, I admit, a little breast obsessed and it is a lot more fun for me if she is very sensitive - plus it means she’s more apt to put up with my constant pawing. :stuck_out_tongue:

IMHO is the place for polling so I hope this is the appropriate forum to ask: How sensitive are your breasts?

Mine are pretty damn sensitive. I tend to like sensitive breasts too.

Mine are really sensitive. I once told them that they were getting a little saggy and the left one didn’t speak to me for a WEEK!


Okay, that made me laugh out loud, jarbabyj.


Mine work fine! Problem is, some ladies don’t know what do do with 'em, or don’t believe they work.

Mine are sensitive to the point where it’s extra stimulation, but won’t get me off by itself. This doesn’t mean that I don’t love people playing with my breasts and nipples though.

Let me rephrase- I was referring to the nips. I have no breasts, as I am a thin male with no hormone issues.

Count me in as someone who can sometimes have an orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. However, so far this is only after I’ve had uncountably many orgasms by other means.

uh huh. Be proud of your man-boobs!

My nipples are very sensitive and I don’t like theme being touched. (I’m a man -no actual boobies)

Mine are numb. They always have been. Can’t feel it unless you bite them. I find it boring to the extreme to have a guy play with my breasts… it’s like having a guy play with my elbows or something. I actually have a game I play called “let me close my eyes and you touch my nipple and I’ll tell you when I feel it”… I usually don’t feel it until they’re actually PUSHING on my nipple.

As a high school guy, you tend to give each other titty twisters, for the informed that is where you grab the nipple hard as hell and twist. I can give damn near any guy a titty twister and they would scream like their head was on fire, but me I don’t feel them (an obvious advantage). You can twist mine until they are purple, like a purple nurple, and I won’t let out a yelp at all.

Not very sensitive, almost like OpalCat’s description. I would tell more about my preferences, but I got a sudden attack of TMI.

Count me in with ssskuggiii.

I’m not indifferent to breast play, but it certainly doesn’t make me orgasmic. I don’t think the sensation I get is entirely sexual … it’s more like a nice, long massage, or a soak in a hot tub. All in all, I would say that it’s more of a sensual than a sexual experience for me.

Mine are super-sensitive. This is great during foreplay. However, during my “time of the month,” they ache almost constantly. I know it’s normal to have tenderness, but mine will just ache for two or three days. So, yes, they’re sensitive, and it’s both a blessing and a curse.

Mine are pretty insensitive, although I do like it when my boyfriend touches them, etc. For some reason, watching him do it, really turns me on. Go fig.

My breasts are not sensitive at all. They didn’t even shed a tear when Bambi’s mother died.

Sexually, not very sensitive at all. I like having my breasts fondled, but it’s not nicer than having my belly or thighs touched.
However, stay the hell away from my breasts when I’m on my period. Do not touch, do not even brush up against me or I will be forced to have you killed. Seriously.

Well, I applaud Tiburon for finding yet another way to get the women of the SDMB to talk dirty about themselves. :smiley:

As for me, my man-boobs aren’t really sensitive at all. I found this out when one woman I was with actually nibbled on my nipples. Didn’t do a thing for me. I think women are divided on this subject. I’ve had women tell me flat out they wanted their breasts fondled, others complain that they didn’t like it when guys “touched them there.” I’ve decided a policy of simply asking what they prefer is always best.

Count me among the super sensitive and I love it! The Significantly Younger Lover is a breast worshipper (thank the Creator) and makes it a point to see that I have at least one orgasm from nipple play before we go any further.

Men like that deserve shrines dedicated to them.

I nominate this as an Olympic sport.

[sub]or at least a very cool party game ;)[/sub]