How shall I furnish my Lair?

Well, my husband is finally finishing off the extra room, and it’s gonna be MINE! No longer will I be working in the den, right next to the kitchen. I will have my own room (it’s been nearly 25 years since I’ve had a room of my own) and I’m going to furnish it my own way.

I want your helpful suggestions.

First, this room will have bookshelves on two walls, floor to ceiling. Second, it’s got a phone line and DSL in there, and some electrical outlets, which my husband has carefully wired so that they’re not all on the same circuit. Our house does not have central heating and AC. The room has a window AC unit in already, and we’re going to put in a gas space heater. Fortunately, there’s already a gas line in that room.

So far, I’m planning on putting my computer, a phone, my TV and game consoles (I have 3, PSX, SNES, and NES) in there, along with several boxes of books.

I might put in a daybed, or just a recliner. Whichever one I pick, I’m going to have a GOOD reading lamp by it. Right now, I’m drilling holes in the plunger caps of my syringes, so I can thread them and use them for a beaded curtain.

Things I WON’T have in the room: carpeting or fabric curtains (I’ve got allergies and asthma), the cats, or Bill’s cigarette smoke. I won’t have running water, so I won’t have a toilet in there (darn!) or a sink. I guess that’s a good thing, or I’d never come out of there.

So…what else should I put in there? Remember, this is a real room and I have limited resources. I can furnish it well, but not extravagantly. Fortunately, my taste runs to shabby chic.

And no, I WON’T be installing a conveyor belt from Godiva directly to my room, tempting as that sounds.


How about the entrails of those you have smited in your Goddess-like anger? I can see it now.

Hey, hubby! Come see how many times I can spell “banned” with this guy’s entrails!

A nice radio or stereo system might be cool. I like to listen to loud classical while playing shoot 'em up games.

<vbeg> Actually, I am quite involved in an online multiplayer fantasy game. My character has several cherished bits of “fluff” (items that have no practical use, but are great for roleplaying). Two of the items are “some bloody troll intestines” and “a plate of slimy troll innards”. She’s NOTORIOUS for pulling these items out of her pockets whenever she can. Her husband (in the game, not MY husband) says, most sincerely, that he hates her guts.

Hmmmm, on reflection, I should probably add that I do a lot of handcrafts, particularly needlecrafts, IRL. So my Lair has to reflect that, as well.

Well, Lynn, first and foremost, I think you should mount a harpoon on your ceiling (like me! Everyone should be like me!).

Secondly, a Cambridge Soundworks system mounted in the corners will do wonders for your games. Do you prefer consol over PC games, by the way? (And I think it’s the height of cool that you still have an NES).

Anyway, with regards to furniture… I’d stick with the recliner, but that’s just my opinion. I imagine that you already have the computer desk, so that’s taken care of… What about a miniature refrigerator? Tuck that in the corner, keep some drinks nice an’ cool… throw a party, be sure to invite me… :smiley:

Or you can be REALLY wild and furnish your room entirely with chocolate.

[Drew Carey]

“I can eat everything in my cubicle.”

[/Drew Carey]


YOU NEED A BROADSWORD!!! :smiley: :smiley: :D!!!


I’m in agreement on the bladed weaponry mounting your walls. This has a nice effect on walls. I have a nice broadsword, a short sword and a kitana on my walls.

The harpoon idea sound fab, better if you have a photo of yourself with the head of your worst enemy in your hands beside it. That’ll always keep you in a good mood.

I like the recliner idea, I’m moving soon myself, and the extra room I’ll have will include not a recliner in front of my quad-noded home network, but a small couch. yup, nice comfy laid back relaxation while I crunch the keyboard in the late wee hours of the 'morn.

No drapes you say? how’bout one of them screens? Those oriental screens, let the light in a bit but not blindingly. I don’t know where your’e located Lynn, (Heaven I imagine? where all the angels play?) but here in NYC we have a place called Pearl River. Chinese department store, full of great lighting fixtures and furniture and others asian goods for less then you can get most anywhere else. They have a website as well, it’s the place that’s going to be outfitting most of my new apartment.

Good luck!

My influence on the world is being felt! AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


So yeah. You can get a nice plaque and hang it. I can find you some really beautiful ones if you like. :smiley: Anything to spread the joy of sharp metal to the world.

And dont just go for a mini-fridge… get one of those ones that’s smaller than normal, but still pretty big, and get a mircowave. Instant food, not three feet from your computer! You’ll never have to leave again!

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Actually, no, I wont do it here, I’ll start a thread. Somehow I think hijacking Lynn’s thread would be detrimental to my health.
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Geesh get real guys, a sword?
Lynn I’d definitely go with the recliner. Since you are into needlecraft if I were you I would put some of my favorites in, I would put a couple of throw rugs down just to have a homey feeling.
Remember it’s your room so leave the guys out of it. You may want to put a plant of two around, they always give a room a fresh feeling for some reason.

Well, the throw rugs are out. I’ve got allergies and asthma…so I don’t want ANYTHING in the room that could trigger an attack. Same thing for plants, I’ve got a brown thumb and any houseplant I put in would swiftly die. Thanks for the thoughts, though, I think I WILL go with the recliner.

As for screens, I’m going with a beaded curtain over the tiny windows. Incidentally, I live in Fort Worth, Texas. We’ve got a few Asian markets here, but I don’t think that we’ve got anything like what you describe.

Fridges and microwaves. This room is about 20 feet from the kitchen, so I don’t need more kitchen equipment in it. I can get by nicely with just my large glass.

Swords? You must be joking. I prefer double-bitted battle-axes. Maybe some shurikens, if I can find a cheap set that looks nice.

Console vs. PC games…it depends. I’ve got some Zork games that just wouldn’t feel right on a console, and similarly I wouldn’t want to try to play a Final Fantasy on a computer.

You play Zork?!? OOooooh, you are a goddess!

Battle-axe, nice.
Beaded Curtains, better.
How 'bout synthetic fiber rugs? or are those still bad for the allergies you have?

Plants are a good idea for keeping the air fresh I suppose, but you and keep your console AND your PC there together. I used to. One mac, one PC for windows, one PC for linux, and though not anymore, i had the playstation there as well. I have the gamepad similar to the playstations on my PC. FFVIII does just fine there. 'sides, you can get a good tv-tuner card and use your tv or monitor vice versa, and if you have DVD on your pc, you can watch movies in your own privacy too.

…maybe i need to get out more…

Lynn, do you have an IKEA anywhere near you? If so, test-sit a POANG chair and footstool. It’s a member of the recliner family, but lighter and smaller and less likely to provide a home for a thriving colony of dust mites. Most of the available covers can be washed and/or dry-cleaned (you can also get one in leather if that’s good for you). I have one and love it, love it, love it. I’ve napped in it, read in it, watched TV in it, nursed a baby several hundred times in it.

Gawd help me. I’ve become an IKEA pusher :eek:

I have found (as a nearsighted person} the most important touch when decorated a room is not what you add but what you remove. My house always looks better when I take out my contacts or remove my glasses. Less is more.

All of this lends credence to my tendancy to prounounce your username as “Evil She-Beast.”

Did you know that “lights” is an old Brit expression for entrails? With that, you can now run around asking people if they’d like their name in lights.

Did you know that “lights” is an old Brit expression for entrails?
With that, you can now run around asking people if they’d like their name in lights.

or threaten to punch their lights out…

This home decor thread is turning into a Andy Warhol.


This home decor thread is turning into a Andy Warhol.

Movie…movie…Andy Warhol movie.


if you want crafting done there, too, don’t you need (in addition to shelves) some carts with drawers in em’?

Also, I did not see a mention of a lava lamp, for those contemplative times.

An extra desk.
Trust me on this, if you’re at all like me, almost immediately your computer desk is going to be covered by printers, scanners, diskettes, CD cases, Dilbert dolls, etc., and you are going to need another surface to be able to sit at and do non-computer related things.
Oh, and get a CD rack, A big one.

I like the idea of a harpoon though, and battle axes. Of course, my computer room also contains a really big electric train layout, so what do I know?


I didn’t noticea HEPA air filter on your list. I strongly recommend researching one that’s appropriate to the space. You may be away from the smoke, critters, and carpet, but why not scrub the air flowing in from the areas that has all of the above?

Beyond that… If you don’t aready have one, get yourself an optical mouse. If the top shelf is a streach, get yourself a step stool. One that stays in your room.

If you do Yoga or other forms of excercise and intend to do so in your room, splurge and get yourself a new excercise mat.

For your needlework hobbies, how about one of those large magnifiers for getting a close look at area you need to do really detailed work in?

Get a Dimmer for the overhead lights.



It adds a certain je ne sais quoi, and is versatile for makeshift hammocks, hanging chairs, etc. And the silvery sticky stuff might trap some of the allergens for you, plus unwanted guests.

----:p/ x o x o x

And the HEPA filtration machine is a wonderful idea. It made life much less miserable for my asthmatic, feline-allergic daughter, who insisted on sleeping with her cat.

Interesting responses.

andygirl, I prefer to be called Evil Incarnate, or Lord High Executioner, but I suppose Evil She-Beast will do in a pinch.

flodnak, I don’t know about the availabiltiy of Ikea here, but I’ll certainly check it out, I hadn’t even thought of it.

Judy, WHERE have you been keeping yourself? You know we worry when we haven’t heard from you in a while! Clutter does not bother me, but it bothers my husband, and HE has 20/15 vision, the rat.

wring, you’re right. I’m thinking of getting some of those big red toolbox thingies to keep my craft supplies in, the kind that have a nice flat area on top to work on. I might get a lava lamp (I’ve got Archie McPhee bookmarked) or I might just run the Life game I’ve got on my computer.

Bumbazine, I’m getting a “computer work station”, which puts the monitor in a corner, and has two wings flung out to the sides. I have a separate printer stand. And you’re right, I WILL need a place to put my Nunzilla dolls. I’ve got lots of CD shelves, but I’m beginning to think that they’re like bookshelves…you can never have too many.

dublos and Spider Woman, yes, the HEPA filter IS on my list. Since I plan to spend a minimum of 10 hours a day in that room, I think that it’s going to pay for itself, in terms of fewer trips to the ER with an asthma attack (it’s happened, and I don’t care to repeat that, thankyouverymuch).

I’ll research optical mice. I’ve got a stool that has steps that fold out, it’s older than I am. I’m keeping some small dumbbells in the room, but I do the weights only in a seated position. All my other exercise takes place in a pool, because it’s too hard on my joints otherwise. If I need magnification, I just take off my glasses. I’m extremely nearsighted, and my focal point is about an inch and a half from my eye. And candles, yes, I’ve got some really neat old candleholders.

Ummmm, I think that I’ll pass on the spiders. No offense meant. I’m allergic to all sorts of bug (in the sense of small things with more than four legs) bites and stings. (Yes, I DO seem to be allergic to the whole damn world!) I rather like the look, but I’m afraid it’s out.

What else? Oh, the sound system. My PSX and computer will both play CDs, and I put my cassette tapes in the car. When I get my PS2, that will play DVDs…and it’ll be good enough for me.

My thanks to all of you. Keep those ideas coming! Even if I turn one down, I appreciate the thought.